Scientific Theoogy - a Challenge to Brett & BK

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on August 22, 2002 at 05:47:59:

On July 31, 2002, Brett Zamir posted a brilliant excursion into the question about Chistians and their need to study both their own scriptures as well as Baha'i.

At the end of the article, he deliberately refrains from approaching the topic of the Reurrection, which is, for the Catholics I know, the most important element of the Jesus story, and probably the most important element upon which their faith rests. Without it, no Christianity.

I have been chastised for considering the scientific possiblity of "Reincarnation", (Hinduism and Buddhism are the most respected sources of such beliefs.) Would Brett perform the same word-trick with reincarnation as he has with the resurrection? "Well, let's not go there... it might upset Hindus and Buddhists.)

Now, we are to bind Faith, Reason and Science - one of the most comforting aspects of our Faith. And, we are to accept all the preceding Messengers of God and their words as sincere, if not as illuminated as those Baháâuâlláh.

At one point Baháâuâlláh writes (paraphrase): "If Moses knew one-thousandth of what I know, he would kiss my feet and weep."

This is justified, explained by and acceptable because the Prophets lived in different cultures with many decades of cosmic paradigm between them, different world-views as well as their education causing differences in perception and understanding.

But there are numerous scientists who have elucidated arguments for reincarnation, time travel, body-travel, travel faster than light, multiple universes, and, yes, the existence of God, among other mystical beliefs. The Poweer of Healing, even at a distance, has produced numerous scientific studies which seem reliable.

"Scientific Theology" has sprung up in the last ten years and is gaining strength all the time. Why not. But Baha'is must also be ready for surprises - because science is also opening the doors to possible contradictions of Baháâuâlláh's decrees and doctrines.

But let me do a "Brett Zamir" - My friends, this is a sensitive subject, perhaps I should leave elaboration to a later time.


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