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It was previously suggested that the prophecy in the Kitab-i-Aqdas about one laying claim to a revelation from God before 1000 years, God would send one to deal mercilessly with him (paraphrased) was not fulfilled because Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in Baha'u'llah's lifetime did make such a claim in Qadian India.

I would not agree the prohecy was unfulfilled in the case of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:

"When in 1891 the Mirza declared that he was the Promised Messiah,31 and later on it 1910, that he was a prophet of God 32 the Muslim 'ulama began to refute and oppose him. Among those prominent in opposing him was Shaikh Sana ' ullah Amritsari, the editor of Ahl-i-Hadith. On April, 5, 1907. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad issued an announcement in which, while addressing the said Shaikh, he wrote :
"If I am such a big liar and impostor as you portray me in each issue of your magazine, then I will die in your life time, for I know that the life-period of a mischief-maker and liar is not very long and ultimately he dies an unsuccessful man, during the life of his greatest enemies and in a state of humiliation and grief. And if I am not a liar and impostor and have been honoured by God's communication and address to me, and if I am the Promised Messiah, then I hope that with the grace of God, and in accordance with God's practice you will not escape the punishment of the rejecters (of truth). Thus, if that punishment which is not in man's but in God's hand, that is fatal diseases like plague and cholera, do not afflicts you during my life-time,33 then I am not from God."

One year after the publication of his announcement, on May 25, 1908 the Mirza fell ill, being afflicted with diarrhoea at Lahore. Along with loose motions, he also had vomiting. He was put under treatment at once, but weakness increased and his condition became critical. The next day, on May 26, he breathed his last in the forenoon. About his death his father-in-law Mir Nasir Nawab has stated :
"Then night on which Hazarat Mirza Sahib fell ill, I was asleep at my place. When he felt very unconfortable, I was awakened. When I went to Hazarat Shaib he addressed and said, 'Mir Sahib I am ill with cholera'. After this in my opinion, he did not speak a clear word till, he died the next day after ten o'clock." "

Tabligh-i-Risalat, Vol. X, p. 120.

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