Images of Prophets

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Posted by Loren ( on September 02, 2002 at 13:03:48:

As Baha'is we believe it is irreverant and is in fact forbidden in the Faith to portrait in either acting, or in images, the likeness of God's Holy Messengers. Perhaps some of you would like to post quotations on this topic, so we can all be fully aware of this principle in the Faith.

I was just skimming a web article written by someone, who claims he is only trying to teach the Faith to Christians, that is full of images, like Jesus, Zorothustra, and the Lord of the Age!

It is unimaginable how someone even pretending to be a Baha'i would commit and act such as using the Photo of Baha'u'llah as an ornament or prop in an article that is not even authorized by the Faith, and in one that is not even good scholarship.

I hope no one will distribute this, it would be truly unfortunate to do so.
I would hope that even a non-Baha'i, or an opponent of the Faith would have enough respect for our beliefs to not use Baha'u'llah's image in this way.


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