God is seen in the smallest and largest events of every life

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on October 14, 2002 at 07:03:04:

Any article which in some way "proves the existence of God" is a philosophical and theosophical absurdity. One might hypothesize that certain events in the universe are of such an inexplicable magnitude and complexity - or that the statistical probability of life, for example, is zero - then there must be a God, or some "force" one might call God, necessitating a reconciliation or combinatgion of the two.

However, God is unknowable, undiscoverable and unproveable. No logic can "prove God's existence". No evidence, however extraordinary, can prove God's existence. Believing in Baha'u'llah as God's Messiah is an act of Faith, not of logic, an answer to our need for spiritual enlightenment and of a higher order of understanding and morality. The truth of Baha'i leads to God, it is not proof of anything. If you need scientific proof, or seek scientific proof, you have a problem with your own Faith. As I wrote earlier, "anyone who waits for proof of God is lost".

Now, one may have noticed that I, too, have a pseudo-mathematical "proof" of God's existence, viz, when I mention that when the probability of an event = 0, and the event is objectively measureable, then we have direct or indirect proof of an unknown, unseen and unmeasured power that we may call God (acts of good) or Satan (acts of evil).

However, if I NEEDED this argument - highly elaborated of course - to permit me to believe in God, I would be lost. Using mathematics, physics (micro or macro) to pursue God has entertainment value. It may even have a place in religious discourse. But, if one were to rely on any logical theory to lead to a "proof of the existence of God" it is an admission of uncertainty of faith. That soul is lost.

More important, the use of a scientific approach to God's existence allows genuine, sceptical scientists to be convinced that the idea of God is nonsense, since all and any scientific "proofs of God" cannot be proven. While I do accept the attempt to empirically prove God's existence, those doing so publicly, risk losing the hearts and minds of many brilliant scientists, whose way to God will not be by science, but by revelation, meditation and faith without a mathematical foundation.

Personally, I see "evidence" of God's existence every day. I see miracles every day. This is my personal experience of reality, based on personal awareness and observation. The events I speak of "point" to God, for myself. They are not proofs. They are, in a sense, the absorption into consciousness of what this single soul experiences as God, without doubt, without proof, without scrawling equations or neo-darwinian hypotheses. Open your hearts and minds, open your eyes! and you will see God in the smallest and largest events of your everyday life.

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