The Love and Power of Baháâuâlláh

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on October 26, 2002 at 18:18:23:

Brothers and Sisters of the Sun
By the Love and Power of Baháâuâlláh

[You are always close to the peace and happiness you are looking for,
Though it is hard for you to see it -]

Blemishes of soiled minutiae of your daily life, of distractions
From the unblemished oasis of your finest feelings and your friendships,
From your deepest connections with your inner self and God,
From the seamless Spiritual sky, hide you from the Sun.

To the far and secret corners of the universe you can travel,
Free of body and blemish, where you can be a Hope Star and a Joy Star,
Where you can fly freely amidst the boundless fields of misty nebulae
By the Embrace, the Love and Power of Baháâuâlláh.

There is a way to feel this freedom and this power.
His miraculous aura will set you free to dance
The halls of infinite rooms in His unending universe of Peace.

You have to be very still, so still that in a room of a million people
No-one will notice you are there,
So still that wild birds will not be afraid to lick the moisture from your lips.

You have to meditate and pray, sincere in your sorrow and your understanding
Of all that is good and right.
To meditate, to pray, to sing the praises of Baháâuâlláh,
Each and every day and night.

You can enter the resounding chamber of your own illustrious grandeur
You can fly to the infinite and transcendent rays of the sun
By the Goodness, Grace and Power of Baháâuâlláh.

Yet today, you did descend heavily on the pavements of the city.
Anger and frustration were your moodâs muddy colours.
You did not know a moment of peace, of calm or of happiness.
Did you waste your energy on the vain and the futile?
Was that the tired ritual of your body?

Like every man and womanâs tribulation
You can change all that, you may come invited
To the pure palace of your own perfection
With a happy, blameless heart, in a forgiving sanctity
With a pure mind that loves and sings and finds true peace
By the Embrace, the Love and Power of Baháâuâlláh.

You can go to the celestial palace of paradise,
Where you will watch a twilight of dancing streams
Where you will gaze upon a river of sparkling diamonds
Where your prayers and thanks create a fountain of shimmering water
By the Mercy, the Compassion, the Everlasting Power of Baháâuâlláh.

Brothers and Sisters of the Sun, when your days on Earth are done
And your dreamy story ends, you must have made the change,
The boldest transformation and close the door of all your sins
To find your peace and treasured blessings
By the All-Knowing, the Spirit, the Grace of Baháâuâlláh

Cast off these days of weakness and fatigue,
When life is a throttling freight-train bound for sadness.
The colours of your mind can change
From dark shadows to deepest sky of blue.

You shape your future, you do it every minute
You will create your own homey heaven
Where you will know love that is sanctified and pure,
Spun from honey dreams
By the All-Merciful, the All-Encompassing,
The All-Forgiving Love of Baháâuâlláh

Brothers and Sisters of the Sun,
Climb upon a prayer star tonight.
There is a happy, welcoming moonbeam
That will take you high above the rain clouds,
Where you will become, as you always have been,
Flowers in the Garden of Love
Blossoms of the Heart, the Soul, the Words,
The All-Forgiving, the All-Accepting Power of Baháâuâlláh.

Ya Bahá'u'l Abhá

Stuart Gilman October 23, 2002

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