Conference on Modern Religious Movements at Landegg

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Posted by Graham Hassall ( on October 29, 2002 at 13:37:16:

Dear friends,
You may be interested in program details of a conference being held at Landegg International University November 27-29. it is the SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MODERN RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS IN JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, AND THE BÁBÍ AND BAHÁ‚Í FAITHS. registration details are at
The program includes: Hossain Danesh, Moshe Sharon: Millennialism: Significance of the Nineteenth Century; Roger Keller, „What it means to be human: A Latter Day Saint (Mormon) Viewš; Josef Seifert, „New Forms of Moving towards the Unity between Faith and Reason in the Catholic Church"; Bahiyyih Nakhjavani - Silences of God; Soli Shahvar, „Bahá‚í Education in Shi'ite Iranš; Bülent Shenay, "Modern 'Hebrew Christians': An 'Imagined Community'; Mary Fish Ų Income Distribution: One Bahá‚ís approach; Graham Hassall: „Identifying Research Agendas in Bahá‚í Scholarshipš; Ismael Velasco; Miguel Gil: „Why Religious Dialogue?š; Ian Fry - The need for reassessment of Incarnation, Messianism, Trinitarian Doctrine and Covenant with Scholars of the three Abrahamic faiths; Ron Geaves, „A Sheep in Wolf‚s Clothing: The Emergence of Idara Minaj ul-Qur‚an as a response to the Wahhabi/Salafi claim to orthodoxy within Sunni Islamš; Grant Underwood Ų Authority and the Prophetic Legacy: A comparison between Muhammad & Joseph Smith; Necati Alkan - Persecution of the Bahá‚í Faith in Turkey; William Hatcher - Infallibility and Us; Tom Flynn Ų Pythagoras; Behrooz Sabet, „A Unifying and Evolving Method of Acquiring Knowledge: A Bahá‚í Perspectiveš; and Mina Yazdani.

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