Prayer of Thy Imperfect Servant

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on November 10, 2002 at 07:00:38:

Prayer of Thy Imperfect Servant

O, Most High!
My eye beholds imperfections in Thy World.
I look toward Thee, O Thou Creator of souls, for answers,
Remedies, prayers and obligations that may heal me.
Yet, I remain a prisoner in darkness
Covered with the dust of ignorance.

O, Thou Abiding One!
Thou hast created me,
Thou hast taught me,
Thou hast provided for me,
Thou hast blessed my home,
Thou hast made me safe,
These are the signs of Thy grandeur
And Thy Bounty, never failing me
Despite my countless imperfections.

O, Thou Divine Being,
I do not love everybody as Thou hast ordained
I am not kind to everybody as Thou hast ordained
I do not protect the weak as Thou hast ordained
I do not heal the sick as Thou hast ordained
I do not teach and elevate the ignorant as Thou hast ordained

O, Thou the Most Generous and Forgiving,
I hear evil and see evil,
I am awash in the descent of the world
And see not the ascension which Thou has promised.
I abase myself by my foolishness.
I complain and weep and sink into hopelessness,
Forgetting Thy promise of a Bright New Age.

O, Thou The Most Abiding One,
I speak evil, and pray that Thou mayest not hear it spoken,
I magnify the faults of others that mine own faults may not appear great,
I am glad when learning the abasement of others,
And wish that mine own abasement be not exposed

O, Thou the Ordained, The Most Holy,
I live the days of my life,
That are less than a fleeting moment,
With my soul impure,
My heart assailed,
My thoughts confused
And my nature unsanctified.
I am never free and content.
I say Thy Name ninety-five times each day
I recite Thy verses with passion and sincerity,
To no avail and no salve for my contaminated soul.

O, Thou Most Beloved, hear me,
I beg of Thee, O, Thou most merciful,
That Thou mayest heal this mortal frame,
So that I may abide in the eternal kingdom forevermore,
With my soul, my heart, my thoughts
And my deeds sanctified and pure,
Deserving of Thy Grace and Thy Pleasure.
How can I achieve purity and banish mine own evil?
Will the sun rise one day on a lost spirit that is me?

Ya Bahá'u'lAbhá


November 10, 2002

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