Homosexual Baha'is

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Posted by RBR ( on November 11, 2002 at 00:47:16:

One of my Baha'i friends recently told me that he's afraid he's a homosexual. Obviously, this is a very difficult time for him. He has only recently started feeling this way. From adolescence up till a few months ago (he is 20) he felt completely heterosexual but lately he says that his body has only been reacting to men and that there is no reaction whatsoever to women. He tries valiantly to ignore these physical reactions and he assures me that he has not given in to temptation but he's frightened that he will never be able to lead a normal life from here on out, that these homosexual feelings will always persist...

Does anybody have experience with this? I've looked at the documents on bahai-library.com and they are helpful in terms of what the institutions say but beyond that my friend feels really helpless. He is disgusted by the prospect of being a homosexual and does not at all want to reconcile himself to that because he knows how clear the Baha'i teachings are in that regard.

Can anybody tell me if they know of other Baha'is who have had to deal with such issues and if/how they were able to resolve them?

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