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Posted by Brett Zamir ( on November 26, 2002 at 15:11:38:

On browsing through , I noticed that a couple of quotations there might illuminate some questions raised in a previous thread about the choice of a world auxiliary language.

The following quotations (if they can be considered authentic), seem to indicate that tribes as well as nations will be represented (the second quotation), and that although the quotations established earlier seem to indicate that it will probably be members of Parliaments who call for such a meeting, the scholars chosen are to apparently be selected by "national bodies of learning" (e.g., perhaps the NSF in the U.S.).

"Ninth, a universal language shall be adopted and be taught by all the schools and institutions in the world. A committee appointed by national bodies of learning shall select a suitable language to be used as a medium of international communication. All must acquire it. This is one of the great factors in the unification of man."


"In order to facilitate complete understanding between all people, a universal auxiliary language will be adopted and in the schools of the future two languages will be taught - the mother tongue and this international auxiliary tongue which will be either one of the existing languages, or a new language made up of words from all the languages - the matter to be determined by a confederation met for the purpose which shall represent all tribes and nations. This international tongue will be used in the parliament of man - a supreme tribunal of the world which will be permanently established in order to arbitrate international questions."


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