Tips on avoiding email spam

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Posted by Jonah ( on November 26, 2002 at 20:19:49:

Hi, all. I'm glad some of you have started giving your email addresses as "yourname AT" instead of "" It allows us humans to continue writing to each other, and will help save you spam.

Many of you have posted your email address here in the past, and I'm afraid I can't go through and strip out all those old addresses -- there are just too many of them in the 5,000 postings archived here. So for you there's only one solution, I fear: start using a new email address, be very careful whom you give it to, and never post it online (at least not in the normal "" way). Then just check your old account every now and then, when you're in a spam-tolerant mood.

This comes to mind now because I've only recently started setting up spam-proof email options on my websites. We all have to get out of the old paradigm, in which email was free, easy, and fun, and start jealously guarding it from spam-bots. :-( Who doesn't miss the old internet?


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