Unity in Diversity: Composition in Rhythmic Diversity

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Posted by Dr. KRS Murthy ( on November 30, 2002 at 12:55:37:

Unity in Diversity: Composition in Rhythmic Diversity
All of us desire and so hold discussions on the theme of diversity of religions, cultures, and schools of thoughts with colleagues and friends. I wanted to contribute a composition named Unity in Diversity to promote peace. Let us hope that some unity evolves out of diversity.
Here is a composition titled "Unity in Diversity". It is in my Yahoo music group Rhythmic Diversity at the following URL:

There are many more compositions in some of your favorite raagas in that Yahoo group. Please feel free to ask me if you want me to compose anything in your favorite raaga or as a musical gift to your loved ones for a special occasion or no occasion at all.
It is all FREE.
Introduction to Rhythmic Diversity:
Rhythmic Diversity is a new paradigm in music, applicable to vocal and instrumental music, and to music of all genres of the world.
Multiple rhythms coexist, complementing each other, yet maintaining their own rhythmic personalities. In other words, music with multiple rhythms are weaved together adeptly so that the different rhythmic music are expounded to 'come in and play' and 'fade out or abruptly exit' at different times. The different rhythmic musical pieces interplay with each other. In instrumental music, different instruments are used in different rhythms, where as in vocal music, different singers may sing. The music could be a mix multiple genres. They could also be classical / traditional, folk or new age genres.
The rhythms do not need to have coincident start and stop punctuations. They do not need to have any beat multiplier commonality, like the lowest common multiple (LCM) as used in some musical genre.
Dance could also be choreographed to the music of rhythmic diversity, with multiple dancers or dance groups dance synchronizing to the different interplaying musical pieces. The dance genres may be classical, folk or new age.
This Yahoo group features instrumental music composed by KRS Murthy using the paradigm of 'Rhythmic Diversity' invented and developed by him.

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