Suggestions for Board Improvements

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on December 08, 2002 at 09:26:19:

I find that board is presented in an order whereby valuable posts get lost in time. There should be a division into categories of discussion, rather than one continuous chronological sequence.

This is easy to do. Look at any of the chatrooms, forums or other boards and you will see that there are subject categories. This allows the board participant to go to the latest comments on the same subject rather than look for interesting subjects left behind because only the top three or four are receiving attention.

This would enhance the "scholarship" of the board, would allow the unmoderated portion to form a segment category, would, for example, have a category designated something like: "controveries", where a subject, being a gay Baha'i (example), could be isolated and discussed, without involving those who have no interest in such subjects and who in fact have told me that they are shocked when they see the total inclusion of all subjects in a single thread that contains other alienating topics from their point of view.


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