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Posted by Misagh ( on January 19, 2003 at 16:41:53:

Hello all,

I have searched through Ocean for references pertaining to the appropriate length of men's hair as mentioned in the Kitab-i-Aqdas. Here is a quote from the Notes section (I think) of the Aqdas:

"69. it is not seemly to let the hair pass beyond the limit
of the ears # 44

Shoghi Effendi has made clear that, unlike the prohibition
on shaving the head, this law forbidding the growing of the  198 
hair beyond the lobe of the ear pertains only to men. The
application of this law will require clarification by the
Universal House of Justice."

I'm wondering where Shoghi Effendi mentioned that this law applies only to men... in finding that reference, I am hoping to shed more light on the subject of appropriate hair length as described in the Writings. I have searched through Ocean but have not been able to find this reference among the Writings of Shoghi Effendi or Compilations of guidance from the Universal House of Justice or the Guardian...

Thanks in advance for your help...

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