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Posted by Brett Zamir ( on January 22, 2003 at 00:56:55:

I was wondering, might anyone have the skills to put up a Wiki site for hosting Bahá'í projects? (FYI, a Wiki site is a website where anyone can easily edit its content, post up their version, and possibly also add their own pages)

There is "Wikipedia" which has some Bahá'í information, but I thought it might be nice (and more comfortable for experimentation) if people could initiate pages and collaborate on interactive web projects at a Baha'i-hosted site. The idea of unity in diversity is particularly applicable in projects like this which could allow us to avoid duplication in reading (and writing) on Bahá'í topics. Of course it wouldn't be authoritative (although a peer-reviewed project, such as Nupedia's, might allow for this kind of collaboration as well), but many minds working together are of course better than one.

It'd be ideal of course if there could be moderators to block any offensive material, but given the nature of Wiki and the inherent lower expectations for its accuracy among those visiting such sites, I think it wouldn't be necessary to have constant moderation. As much as it is open to abuse, it is also open to anyone righting the situation.

My hope is that such a site might allow in-depth scholarly articles and definitions, as well as the development of teaching materials or whatever other ideas for types of projects people could come up with.

Any comments or people with the knowledge/resources to make such a project available, if it is at all possible?

Thanks in advance.

best wishes,

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