Do Bahais believe Mohammed is the Son of God?

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Posted by Blake M. ( on January 22, 2003 at 20:58:06:

One of my friends is Bahai and I asked whether they accept Jesus as the Son of God. She said yes, he has both a human station and a divine station. Also Moses, Bhuda, and Mohammed have the same two stations.

My other friend is a Moslem. He sais that Islam accepts Jesus as a prophet, and born of a Virgin. But not that he was the Son of God.

So I ask my Bahai friend, if you say Jesus was the Son of God, then can you also say that Mohammed is the Son of God? Because the Moslems are against that. But there the same in your religion, aren't they?

She didn't know the answer. Help, because I want to write about this for my religion class!

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