Non-involvement in politics

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Hello all!

Recent guidance from the Universal House of Justice, through the department of the secretariat... made me think back to that long thread here about Osama Bin Laden, etc... it was, from what I remember, quite a heated thread. I hope I don't start a heated flame! :) In fact, reading this, it makes me think that perhaps someone who frequents this board sent the original e-mail to the UHJ!?.... hmmmmm.... ;) Anywho, enjoy!


12 January 2003
Transmitted by email:

Dear Baháíí Friend,

Your email letter of 8 November 2002 has been received at the Baháíí World
Centre and passed to our Department for response.

As you are aware, it is not the practice of Baháíí institutions or individuals to take
positions on the political decisions of governments. One of the greatest obstacles to
progress is the tendency of Baháíís to be drawn into the general attitudes and disputes
that surround them. The central importance of the principle of avoidance of politics
and controversial matters is that Baháíís should not allow themselves to be involved
in the disputes of the many conflicting elements of the society around them. The aim
of the Baháíís is to reconcile viewpoints, to heal divisions, and to bring about
tolerance and mutual respect among men, and this aim is undermined if we allow
ourselves to be swept along by the ephemeral passions of others. This does not mean
that Baháíís cannot collaborate with any non-Baháíí movement; it does mean that
good judgment is required to distinguish those activities and associations which are
beneficial and constructive from those which are divisive.

With loving Baháíí greetings,
Department of the Secretariat


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