Invitation to Participate at Collaborative Bahá'í Website

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Posted by Brett Zamir ( on May 06, 2003 at 20:14:35:

Dear all,

I wanted to let you all know of an extremely exciting new opportunity for anyone to put up collaborative content on any subject pertaining to the Faith at a public website (provided simply that the contribution is respectful of the site's policies). The site is presently hosted at .

Once you register, you can edit virtually any page or even add your own pages, all without needing any special software or knowledge of HTML. You just click the word "edit" at the top left-hand side of almost any page (besides the main page) and add to or edit the content of the page that will show up in a text box. Links to new or existing pages are simply created by putting asterisks around the intended link's name. Click on "help" at the site for more details on creating more sophisticated "code" if you wish. Just make sure the content you put up is not copyrighted (and is not something you wish to copyright in the future).

Previous versions of each page are kept, so if a page is accidentally altered, we can easily go back to a prior version (though given present size limits, it would be preferable that unnecessary edits are not made if at all possible).

If you decide to visit, it would be nice to receive your feedback at the bottom of the main page. Of course, the site will only be as good as we all are as contributors.

(The site presently will only host 25MB of data (including previous versions of each page), but as the size expands, hopefully we can make arrangements for a larger site. I would appreciate volunteers with some web coding experience! I really believe this has enormous potential that should not be overlooked.)

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