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Betreff : The story of Djalal Part 2
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The story of Djalal Page one
By Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi Part two
I would like to write the story of Djalal, just because I think it would help the young people understand how life can be difficult sometimes especially if they have to travel to other countries. I love people in general, regardless to their religions, nationalities, races or other man made differences. I do not want to attack any cultures or any nations or religions, I am just trying to point out the difficulties some people may have because of these differences. My best friend Djalal and the other friend Sasan have the same or very similar life experience as I, and they went through the same difficulties, as I did. So I thought may be by writing these facts, I can help solve these problems. Why we should be persecuted, because our parents believe or religions? Why we should have such a hard life, because of religions or other difference that people made between them? Why the systems in the world should be so indifferent, that nobody cares about each other? Why the humanity dies and why the people are somehow trained to hide their feeling? Why cooperation should not replace indifference? As I see that the lives of my friends and mine are similar, I think we should try to solve these problems. As a teacher I am interested in the lives and future of my students, I think they are my spiritual children. I love my friends, and that is the reason I am trying to bring their lives in the story. It may help a lot of other people that may be in the same situation. To be indifferent or to be not indifferent that is the question, which I will try to answer. I think that if people listen to each other without any prejudgment, we will have a better life. With cooperation and love many of existing problem can be solved. The two friends of mine explain their lives to me and they said I can use their lives stories, as an experience for other people, may be the problems with other people, especially the young people will be solved. So I tried to combine the three personalities in this story.
The three of us suffered for the same problems and I will try to explain them. What can we do, if we are born in families with two or three religions? What can we do, if we could not work in our native countries and we must come to other country, and try to survive? The problems of language, accent, religion, culture and lack of native friends, who could help us and show the ways, are the problems, which I am trying to point. For example, the finance problems and the experience lived in our own countries, which does not match with the experiences and problems in the new country. I do not blame these problems on the people. I just would like to find a way to solve them; so all people in the world can live in peace and unity. Why should we suffer so much in our short lives, which are naturally already full problems? We add a lot of artificial problem to that life, too. I was in Iran a university teacher, expert in the telecommunication company, teacher in German Embassy school, and consultant…I lost all of these positions, just because my mother was Bahai, I have been robbed by my best friend in Iran and he also involved me with the ministry of justice and the local police. He misused the religion of my mother to bring me in a very hard situation. I must come here in the USA and starts everything from zero point again. So it is clear that I had a lot of problems again. If I see that my students use drugs and do not use their energy for a healthier life, I will try to help them. As I have no a lot of support here, and because of my origin, they say, you are a guest and should be quite and if here is difficult for you can, go back to your country. In a very weak situation I must take a lot of responsibilities and for this reason I have been attacked from many sides. I wish that the people could understand each other and so make life a little bit easier for each other. I think we should not misuse love and trust of other people in order to make money, or for personal interest only.

I would like to write the story of Djalal just as a try of an example for the unity of mankind. I do not believe in the hate between Nations, Religions, Races and other differences that the people may have or they think that they have. When I see that the people do not like each other because of color or nationalities, I remember my doves that I had in Iran, they were different colors, white, black, brown and different sizes and shapes, but they like each other and live with each other in peace. Why the human being that has more brain and have more knowledge should not live in peace with each other and why they should misuse Religions, Nationalities or Races as an excuse for hate, separations and disunity. I think the people should be united with each other in the whole world and solve the problems in the world together and with each other help. Love each other regardless to the religions, nationalities and other man made differences, so much money that we use for hate and wars we can use these monies for the people and make the whole world lucky and happy. Sometimes I think that the west and the east are trained to hate each other and do not respect each other, and I hope that the third world war will not be between Moslems and Christians as it seems to be so. As a student and teacher coming from East I have a lot of experience and I know a lot of things, which is not correct and must be explain to the people in the world. Just because I was from other country or from East and live in the West I should not have so many problems. It is not fair, that the people be persecuted by many governments and religions, because they want to be free of

Page 2
Hate and will love the whole human being. I see no different between races and religions or nationalities, are the red roses better than white roses? In the garden are different flowers, but none of them because of colors could be better than the other roses with different colors. Is a white rose nicer than a yellow one? Or is a red one better than white one? As Goethe said the West and East should give hand to each other and work together. I know that the system, which controls the whole world, want hate between East and West. This hate will be a big market to sell their weapons, and also to test them on innocent young people. Such an ignorant man like the third world leader let them use their experience and use their weapons in their countries in their own their people. They know 100% that they cannot win the war against the super powers, but they do not care if many of their own people will die for a useless war and their country will be destroy by the super powers. Why they are so ignorant and they do not think about their own people and country? What do you think, they know they will lose; they cannot fight with simple weapons against the modern ones. But they start the war, because they do not care about the people and their own country. About one milliard Moslem, Eastern people and one milliard Christians Western people, if they start fighting, they make billions of billions dollars and other monies which exist in the world. I had Soni student in the USA, Soni is one of Islamic branches, he said Shia, the other branch of Islam is wrong and they do not have right and they are not real Moslem and must be executed; why because as a Soni Moslem he was brain
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Washed by his family and his culture and the people who practice this religion and culture. If you are born in a family of Moslem Soni, you generally are a Soni Moslem and you will be brain washed as a kid in the school by your teachers who believe in that way and you will be brain washed by your environment, by your parents and the teachers who are Soni Moslem and they say that only the Soni Moslems are right. What can you do, they say so and you as a kid believe this. And I had Shia Moslems, they said the same thing that the Soni is not a real Moslem and they are wrong and must be corrected or they should go away from the society. I was born in a family with two religions; to a Moslem father and a Baha, i mother my father was a colonel in the police force, a very well respected person and his father was an Ayatolah, something like Khomeini, but in other time. His father-in-law was very important, too. Actually my father had two wives in the same time, my beloved stepmother was Moslem and I had 8 brothers and sisters from that side who are all Moslems, they were all nice and friendly to me and even their children were nice and friendly to me and I love them like my own sons and daughters, even my half sister is very nice to me and I did not do anything for her, but my full sister whom I loved so much and I still love her very much, took all my capital and because her husband did not want to give my capital back, she ignored me, too. She was and is Bahai and I did what ever I could for her, but she did not appreciate all my effort and ignored me later as she sees I lose my money and power. My mother tried to raise my sister and me as Bahai, my sister used to go to the Bahai center in Tehran once a week for the religious lessons. I could not go, because at that time my father controls my mother and me. But in the time of my sister, he was very ill and could not control my sister and my mother as before.
My father died very early of a serious deasies and I do not know if that was cancer or other bad deasies. In that time I was in high school, and I became the head of the household at the age of 14. My friend Djalal had the similar life like me, but his half brothers and sisters were not nice and friendly to him as my half brothers and sisters were very nice and loving to me. He said that my older brothers and sisters from my step mother had influenced my father before his death to leave all of his estate to them and we were left with nothing except
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the small house we were living in. There are a lot of people like us with the parents from two different religions and our lives are very similar. Actually I am writing this story because I want to solve this problem, and I do not want that other children experience the same problem that we did. Why the children born in two different religions or nationalities or races should have so many problems form both sides? I know a lot of people with the same problems and they experience the same persecution and difficulties, why? In the same year that my father died, the father of Djalal died, too. In the same year the mother of my other friend, with 2 religions died also. Djalal said, I went to Christian private school as in the Moslem school now without father; the children would make the life hell for me. After finishing the high school, I tried to study at the university of Tehran and I studied for two years the German Language. My mother wanted me to be a Medical Dr. so I wanted it, too and I loved, too to be a medical Dr. because I could help other people and I would be very well respected. May be if I could be a medical Dr. I would have less problems. If you are in a family with two different religions, when you are important and rich, the people from both sides forgive you because you are born in two different religions. As the entry exams for medical subjects were very difficult in Iran, so I went to Germany for studying there. I went to Germany by bus with many other students like me; some of them had the same problems, which I had. In Germany to rent a room in university cities were very difficult, especially for foreign middle class students. When you have a lot of money you will be welcome everywhere. But if you are middle class and you do not have a lot of money, it is very hard to live in other country. The people do not accept you so easily. They think they should give you something and you will need them so they try to take distance from you. I decided to come back, as in one year I could not get a room to live in. I was living in a pension and you cannot live in pension and study, because I must sleep with 8 other boys in the same room. So I came back to Iran and finished my BA in Tehran University. I started to work as a private teacher, which also has helped me a lot. Now I have enough money to spend. I worked and studied in Tehran, and in 1977, after completing my military service and receiving my BA documents and other military documents I went to Germany again to continue my studies. Again there was the same problem, this time I get a position as a teacher also, but sorrowfully some German do not like foreign and for this reason I returned to Iran, in 1978, and was employed as a university teacher and an adviser in the Ministry of
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Education. I also thought German in an international school in Tehran. I did not have any problems practicing my life in Iran when the Shah was in power, because although the Bahai religion was not an official one, its followers were free to be BahaíI and to practice and gather in the Bahai centers all over the country. My mother was Bahai as I said before and so the Moslems counted me as a Bahai and I was a Moslem for the Bahais with other words I was not accepted totally as a Bahai, for the Bahais and I was also not accepted as a Moslem for the Moslems, both religions did not accept me completely, they tolerated me, but not accepted me. For example I could not marry a Bahai girl in my level, because my dead father was Moslem and I had half brothers and sister that were Moslem. I could not even marry a Moslem girl in my level, because my mother was Bahai. In 1979, the Islamic Revolution changed my life again. All the International schools were closed and I lost my jobs as an advisor in the Ministry of Education because my mother was Bahai, and they did not accept me as a Moslem. I was teaching languages in the Ministry of Communication, but 1981, I was fired from all my governmental jobs without any benefit of retirement. Having left with no source of income I began to work for the embassies of Germany, Austria and Turkey, as translator. In 1981, I got married and I have 3 children. I had some savings, which I gradually sent to the United States to my beloved sister whom I had sent to the USA for study. I asked her to buy houses for me there as I saw no future for my children and myself in Iran any more, and I was waiting for an opportunity to leave the country. She wrote always lovely letter that I should come to the USA as soon as I can, or even try to come to the USA by illegal way, she wrote may be more than 50 letters and encourage me to come to the USA and here she will help me and my family to come through. I did not want to come illegally to the USA and I wanted to do legally.
Page 6
I did not want to do anything against the law in Iran. I applied for an exit visa several times but I was denied because my mother was Bahai .
In 1983, one of my stepbrothers who hated my mother for marrying our father, made false reports against me and I was imprisoned for 6 months. I had to sell my house and pay to the corrupt government as a fine before I could be release from the prison. I was very badly treated in jail and was beaten and insulted constantly. In 1987, I was arrested again and this time they accused me of spaying for the foreigners. I spent 14 months in the Evin prison without trail and was tortured repeatedly. They were asking all kind of questions about my affiliations with the Germans. I tried to explain to them that I was only doing my job as a translator and that I had no connection outside Iran. I was finally released when they were convinced for my innocence but I had to sign a paper that I would give up my Bahai faith and act as the government informer when I return to my job in the embassy and in the Bahai gathering.
After I was released I was afraid to return to my job because I did not want to put myself in a dangerous position of working with foreigners in a country that they can easily label you as and spay and execute you. Since my expertise was badly needed I could go back to my old job in the Ministry of Communication. In 1990, I enrolled in the Azad University of Tehran for a Master Degree program in German Language and Literature. In 1992, as I was a university teacher and they wanted me to have a Master degree in the same field also. I was

Page 7
advised by the Committee of the university that I can no longer study and teach at the university, because my mother was Bahai. Although Bahais can take the admission tests to go to the universities they are barred from entering to the higher education institutes because of their religion and in my case for the religion of my mother. Even the Bahais did not accept me as a Bahai totally I wanted to marry 60 Bahai girls and all of them did not want to marry me because my father was Moslem and I did not have a good knowledge in the Bahai religion as I could not go to the Bahai schools as I was a child. I had eight brothers and sisters who were strict Moslems. I had the same problem with the Moslem girls; I could not marry them, because my mother was Bahai. I mean a girl in my level. I could may be marry a girl who must be at least two level down that means without any good education and good educated family. Or a girl who was married before and was divorced, I had may be chance for them, but I wanted a wife for my whole life, I knew if I marry a girl with poor education and with parent with poor education they will influence even my children and I could not train my children to be free and with good education. Some uneducated family will make fun of educated people and so they want to have their satisfaction. I know another case that a man like me with a PhD married a girl without any collage education and her parents have only elementary education. They make the life hell for my friend. Sasan said to me, that what ever I say, the parents of my wife say this is wrong. They have only elementary education and I have PhD from the university, but they say that I am speaking poor Persian and have no knowledge in the Persian language and I have been finished my degree from Iranian university. They say that the words that I used are wrong. For example they said you said Badenjan, the correct word is Bademjun and one time they said it is over 1 and half milliards Moslems in the world, and I said that is not true and there is about 700 millions Moslem were in the world at that time 1986. And they were angry and said that I am ignorant and do not have any good education and make a lot of mistakes. I should listen to them, as they know much more. In reality their knowledge was based on different storybooks and other rumors spoken by the people not classic books or dictionaries. Because they have other value as I have, they worship money and materials and I love humanity and unity of mankind, so even later my children will be influence by the parent of my wife, not to be very well educated, as they do not respect education so much. They respect money and if they respect education, because they think with good education, you can make more money. For example my sister had MA degree and she was a beautiful girl and well educated, she must marry a Bahai man who was 30 years older than her, had no degree, was married before and was divorced and even his face was less than normal. One of my friend said your beautiful sister married a monkey type man, who cannot speak even properly Persian, his native language. He was 50 years in the USA and could say only words in English and not a proper sentence with subject and object and the verb in a correct form. What he could do was to cheat American or foreigner women and marry them and after a while they know how he is and they would have divorced him. He was playing and some times he won some money and with this money he could invite the girls or women in good restaurants and bought for them expensive gifts so they were fall in his trap for a while. So the same was for me, I could marry a girl in low class situation, with uneducated parents and poor education and other negative situations. I wanted to marry a girl in my level and that was not possible. And as I said 60 of them did not marry me. I was not upset about this. But my sister was very upset about this condition.
In 1992,I was fired again from the Ministry of Communications after 8 years of services and the only reason they gave me was my mother religion also Bahai. I appealed the decision to the High Court of Administrative Justice but my appeal was dismissed summarily. I was devastated. With several degrees in education and languages and many years of productive work I was left behind without any job and could not
even exit the country or work in the private companies. What the government official told me, I can work as a physical worker and the uneducated people worked in my position.
My only hope was that I had about $200,000 in the USA for the rainy days but when I contacted my sister to send me some of that money to support my family, she told me that her husband had bought 3 houses with my money and I later found out that he has bought the houses in his name and my sister name and basically refused to return any portion of my money. My wife, who had objected to transferring my saving to the US and especially to my sister, became very angry with me and wanted to divorce me.
I became so depressed that I attempted suicide but a neighbor saved my life and arranged for me to meet with an influential friend of his in the government to regain my job. I was advised that the only way I could get back to my government job was to write an article against Bahaism and Christians in the newspapers and publicly request the government for forgiveness. I refused that offer, as I would prefer to starve rather than to act against my principals. I was actually a person who had the bad chance. The Bahais did not accept us totally as a Bahais, as we had Moslem father and 8 brothers and sisters who were famous Moslems, and the Moslem now did not accept me as Moslem, too, because I respected Bahais and Christians. What can I do as I born in a family with two religions? How could I be against the religion of my mother or my father? You love generally
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your parents both and you cannot decide to chose one of them and hate the other one religion.
In 1995, my aunt from my fatherís side died and left me a property. One of my half brothers took me to the court and because the justice system is corrupt they paid bribes to the judge and he ruled against me. Before I could appeal the case I was arrested again while I was at the house of a friend of mine who was a Bahai. I spent 4 months in prison without being charged. I was very badly treated in prison and was called dirty and dog Bahai. Even I was not a Bahai. They did not execute me because of the international outcry over the execution of Bahais in Iran.
When I was released I requested an exit permit. I was told that if I write article against the Bahai, I would get my exit permit. I was in such bad shape but still I could not write against any religions any thing in the newspapers, because that is exactly what the business people wanted. Hate between religions, so they can brain wash the people against each other religions and with this hate they can sell their weapons to them, and they can kill each other and I did not want to be one of their agent and part of this cruel system. The system wants the disunity and hate, so they (the system) can govern the people easily. If the people fight with each other they have time to rub their wealth. I remember as a child we read a story, that two men were fighting with each other and the third one took their properties and run away. I was now in this point. I must chose between hate and love. I will be very badly punished if I would have chosen Love. Love for the humanity and respect other people cultures, religions and other personal believing. So I chose the love. Sometimes I think why we should have for the short
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time of our life so many problems. Our life is so short and even this short life is accompanied by a lot of natural problems. Than we add to these problems other artificial problems to these natural problems. We should make the life easier for each other and not more difficult. What can I do as I born in a family with two religions and I have an Iranian passport. In Iran I do not get job, because my mother was Bahai, the Bahais do not accept me because my father was Moslem. In the USA I do not get a good job, because I am Iranian. Why we should have this entire problem for the short time of our life. The system of the world wants indifferent people. I came actually to all these problems, because I was not indifferent to the people, if I was indifferent, I may have none of these problems. The system wants indifferent people, so they can do what ever they want, and nobody will be against them, if you see somebody is killing some one on the street, you go your way, because you do not want to be disturb for other people life and problems and that is exactly what the business people want. If I was indifferent and did not listen to other people problems and did not try to solve their problems or did not try to help them, I would have none of these existing problems that I have now. Any way they wanted my promise to relinquish my motherís faith and cooperate with the government in condemning the Bahai faith. I did not agree with this suggestion. Later I could go out of the country.
I came to the USA with the intention of getting my money back from my sister, but her husband did not want me and said “if you come to our house I will call the police. The police will

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take you to jail. You must pay an attorney to protect yourself in the USA and I have an attorney who protects me for my cheating activities.” I wanted to send the interest of this money to my wife and children in Iran who need my support. When I came to Florida, where my sister and her husband live they denied that I ever sent any money to them. My sister told me that her husband drinks and gambles all the time and that she could not do any thing for me because she fears him. So I went to the Washington DC area and now I am trying to have the minimum of life in the USA. I cannot return to Iran as all my money is with my sister. I do not have any money to give to attorney to fight with my brother-in-law in the expensive court system here of the USA. The judges do not listen to me, because they are so busy and their time is so costly and they want just to listen to an attorney, in Iran the judges listen to the people and they are not so artificial people and you can explain your situation to them. Some of them are indifferent and some of them at least listen to you. But here they are indifferent with what ever happen to me. In the time that my own beloved sister, whom I supported so much and gave so much money, has no interest about me how can other people have any interest about me? I have no home here, no proper job and no family to go to. The Iranian regime has been deprived me of my right for practicing my faith which is respecting other religions. I was persecuted because I did not want to be against any religions and did not want to write anything against other religions. I have suffered a lot in the hand of brutal and indifferent people, Moslems and Bahais, and can

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no longer tolerate the imprisonment and torture. I am a victim of the faith of my mother and my father and my only crime is my respect to other religions. When I was in Iran, I helped a lot of Americans friends at the time of revolution and now they are helping me to stay here. I want a chance to serve the people with my knowledge and expertise I wanted always to serve the people. I love other religions and people and respect them. I want to be a useful person again and to be a good teacher again. Eastern and Western people should love each other.
Eastern and Western should respect each other cultures and the life styles. All religions were from the East. All of them have told the same thing, the same route of Abraham. Jewish, Christian, Moslems and Bahai are saying the same thing and all of them believe the same God and respect the same 10 commands and are related to each other. Moslems say the Jesus was the spirit of God and a great prophet and Christian say he was the Son of God. What is the different between Son of God and spirit of God both are only words and say the same meaning. All religions say that we should be fair with each other and love each other, but the people use or misuse religions for hate and disunity, what God sent for Love is used for hate and war. Is this fair? Many people suffer from the hate between religions, nationalities, race and other differences, which are man made differences. Jesus did not bring 6000 different churches with Himself with so many different names. All of them are man made churches according to the people interpretation or
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the selfishness of the people who wanted to have their own church and have the benefit. Some people want to be a pastor so they can have respect and easy money. Jesus died with 33 as a poor man on the cross, some pastors have a good business and a lot of money by using his name and they do not even believe in God or Jesus. They act as they are deep believer, but they do not believe in their heart and they say we made the people stupid of the promises that we give and made them like donkey and we use them. I had German pastor as a good friend and he said to me that is the easiest way to earn money. I do not believe what ever I say. I cannot prove even to myself that there is a God. But I say this to the people and they believe, because the people have to have a God and I give this God to them, so they are satisfied and I have my respect and money from them, just like a doctor who gives medicine to the people and they give him money. I sell my God and they give me money to live. The people need to fear and need to have hope for the other world, they do not like to think that after the death they have done, they are done, and nothing stays. They want to have heaven and internal life; I am selling this to them. So I said you should at least train the people who listen to you for humanity and love for each other that is what all religions actually tried. Then he said if I do not say “that only this religion is the best one, so they do not come to my church and so I have less believer and less donations. “We should train the people to love each other as the great people said and gave their life for this matter. I hope that my try will help some people to work for the unity of mankind. If we work together and do not spend money and energy for hate we can solve

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the most of the existing problems in the world, which are based on the religions, nationalities and races, but in reality that is a business, that brings money to some people. That is just an economical problem, which uses or even misuses religions, nationalities and races for making money. That is a way of making easy money for some people. The money, which can be used for hate, can be used for peace and people. The cruel system should not bring the dictators to power for their own benefit and remove them when they do not listen to them. When they (dictators) start to work for themselves and or for their own people, the system will change them, so again a lot of innocent people will be killed. I said to my pastor friend that we couldnít prove by science that there is a God or we cannot even imagine the God in our mind, but to be fair we cannot also disprove that there is no God, with other words our thinking system is so limited and our mind is so weak for all these matters. As an ant or even elephant cannot think about our life, so we cannot think with our limited brain about God, so we could believe Him by heart and not by our limited brain capacities .My father told me, the system bring dictators in power and as long as they listen to the big boss, they can be king or president for ever. But when they start to use their own brain and work for their own benefits and or for the people they will be removed; by the force of advertisement, which can be prepared against them and if this does not work, they use real force and remove them. To bring them to the power they use a lot of innocent people whom some of them will be killed and to remove them again a lot of people will be killed again. But the system does not care about the humanity and the unity of mankind what they want is more money.
My question is who gives drug to my students in the USA. Why the system does not prevent this? Why the

teacher in the USA have no respect from the society as in the Middle East or in Europe? Why the police and people in the court have so much power, but a teacher who should train the students has no power even to ask the student to bring his/her book with them. Why police and the people in the court have so much power and the teacher has not even had the same respect by the system and school system as the students have. The words of a student have more validation as the words of a teacher. I asked one of my students to bring her book with herself, she went to the counselor and she called me in her office and said, she does not need to bring her book; she can look in her friendís book. Do not force her to bring her book and do not force her to learn. She is free not to learn in the class. So what can you do as a teacher? Other mother came to me and said my son is coming to school to have fun with the girls, and you are forcing him to learn and you always asking him questions. What a huge crime I did to that student, I asked him questions about the class materials. And the student and his mother did not like that. If they cheat in my class, I must forgive them, but the police and judge will forgive them, also?
I do not know if my story will help the unity of mankind and the humanity or not. But like many other writers who tried to share their experience with the people, I will try to do that, too. I remember in the time that I was reading the father Gurio from Balzac the French writer; I did not expected that the similar situation in his story can happen to my friends and me. Baba

Page 15
Guiro was a rich man and he had two daughters, they were beautiful and they were ready to be married, so Baba Guiro gave all his wealth to his two daughters in the hope that later the daughters will help and support him, when he get older; and the money also will help them to marry good husbands, too. He thought I do not need money, let give the money to the younger daughters so they can use it and will get nice husbands. After he gave everything, what he had to his daughters; he went to his older daughter to stay with them, also she was married and the father wanted to stay with her and her family. After a while the daughter said my husband does not like guest, so please go to your younger daughter. Baba went to the younger daughter and stayed with her for a while, but again after some time the daughter said go back to my sister I am tried of having you here and my husband does not like guest, too. So they put the old man on the streets of Paris. When Sadegh Hedayat a Persian writer wrote“ there are some wounds in the body that eats the flash like a deasies so we think that the writer was so pessimistic.
Now I am speaking about the story that I will write. The problem of Religions, Nationalities and races…I was born in a family with two religions. I am not the only one with a Moslem father and a Bahai mother; many friends of mine have the same problem. As I said before the father of my friend was Moslem and a military colonel, the son of an ayatollah and his mother was a BahaíI high school teacher. It is clear that you love your parents, both of them so you respect their religions, too. But it is not so easy when the two religions do not accept each other or at

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least they do not tolerate each other. The Moslems say that the BahaíI is a wrong and false religion, their followers are bad people and must be sent out of the country or be executed if they are active in the Bahai faith and the Bahaíis say that the Moslem should investigate and found the truth; they should read BahaíI books and found the reality and the true. The Islam is a right and good religion, but it is old and must be renewed by the new prophet and its rules and regulation are for the past and these law and regulations are not possible to be acted now. On the base of Islam the Bahai religion has been established. And the Moslems say “Mohammad is the last prophet and we do not need to investigate other religions or read other books, the Islam is a good and the last religion and other religions after Islam is false religions. Even some Moslems do not read their own religious book, the Koran. I remembered one of my student said the Koran is a very good book and in that book everything is written from Physic to Medicine, I said did you read such a glorious book, he said no, I said why? He said he does not know good Arabic, I said there is a translation in Persian, too. He said the translations are not good enough to understand the Koran. I said that is just an excuse, if you say such a book is so good, and you do not even try to read it; that is not fair. If you are a good Moslem you should try to learn Arabic and read the Koran in Arabic with the help of Persian translation. He said I have no time to do that. I must work and study to have a diploma to get a better salary. With reading Koran I do not get a diploma to get a better salary. So I have no time to investigate Koran and read it properly. So you can imagine how hard it is for the children born in a family with two religions. For me it was very hard. As I wrote before, I am trying to write the story of my friends, whom their lives were similar to my life. Djalal and Sasan were the two closer friends to me and both of them have almost the same problem that I had. On the street the Moslem children through stones to me and said bad words about BahaíI people
Page 17

and even very bad words about their leaders and prophet, and called me sag Babi, which mean Bahai dog; and often I came home with bloody face or head and they said bad words about BahaíI people and BahaíI prophet continuously. I came home and my mother cleaned me and washed my face, head or body from the blood. I did not know at that time the different between the two religions. I was only 8 years old. In the house especially when we have BahaíI guests , my father forced me to pray in Arabic in front of the BahaíI guests. He wanted to influence the BahaíI guests that Islam is a better religion by forcing me to pray in Arabic language loud in front of them, that I did not know the meaning of my pray at that time. For this reason it was hard for me, too. I must do something that I do not even understand.
Now after many years I remember all these and thought; may be if I write this it will help the other children who

are like me (us) in the past, in a family with two different religions. And may be the father and other members of the family have mercy for the kids. And they will not force them to do something that is difficult for them and they do not understand also.
I was teacher in Iran in different universities and international high schools. I started my teaching position in Tehran German School. It was a nice school with a very friendly German principal. His name was Herr Werner Dau and was like a real father to the students and the young teachers. I was hired by the school board and I have been paid about one third of a salary of a German teacher from Germany. Our salary was a little bit more
Page 18

than the salary of Iranian teachers in Iranian schools. So the salary was attractive for other Iranian teachers who were in Iranian schools. So many of them were trying to come into the German school, especially when they were hired by the Iranian government, they could keep their salaries from the Persian government and have another extra salary from the school. But you must have good friends or good parties to come with the government salary to a private school like German school. My mother was working in a private school, but she was only paid by the government and the private school paid only the teacher whom they hired directly, so they did not pay the government teacher. But in German school it was different. They paid the teachers whom they hired and they paid the government teachers even more than what they paid to the teachers whom they hired, also they paid more money to the government teacher. So you can imagine how attractive was the job as a government teacher to work in the German school. So after one

year that I was teacher there; the first government teacher came as a teacher and Persian director to the school. Now he was trying to influence the Germans that the government teachers are better than the private teachers whom they hired. This government teacher had even more salary from the school as I got. But he wanted now to bring all other his family members and friends to the German school. So he tried to send me and some other local teachers who were hired by the school system directly out of the school. As long as Herr Dau was director he could not influence him. But after two years Herr Dau was retired and should go back to Germany. Now it was his
Page 19
time to influence the new young principal of the school that the private teachers whom are hired by the German school are not so good as the government teachers and they should be fired and the government teachers should replace them. They can teach much better. Actually in Iran everybody who finish the university can be a teacher. So after a while they will be trained in the system. But in Germany it is different. The teachers have other education as just finishing the university with a degree. That point was his argument; in Germany you should have other exam to be teacher and not only the university diploma. University degree is not enough to be a teacher in Germany. Any way after three year that I was teacher there, he made so many problems for me that the school agreed to send me out; for example, he gave me 3 first grade classes, so it was so boring to repeat the same materials 3 times every day. So he could then bring his brother-in- law and other members of his family or his closed friends as teacher in the German school and so he manipulated the school system with his people. I went to British school and was

a teacher there for a while than I went to Germany and was a teacher there. I have tried to say this fact to the Iranian government people that why I should be fired; just because I was not a government teacher, but nobody was interested to listen to me. My argument was why a teacher from government should have two times salary and the other teacher whom is not hired by government should lose his only job and the only salary; and give this

Page 20
job to other teacher who has already a job as a government teacher in the government school. But the system ignored me. In the time that I was teacher in the German school I was 22 years old and that was my second year to be a teacher. Before I was teacher in an Iranian private school.
I loved my students like my own children and tried very hard to be a good teacher and the spiritual father, because I thought the parents have trusted me and gave me their children so I must do my best to teach them as much as possible. Later I was teacher in Indian school, Korean school…and universities and later I was teacher in German Embassy School, as the Iranian government closed the Tehran German School.
With the revolution in Iran the Mark had two or three prices. As the inflation in Iran was very high, so the price of Mark in the free market was going up and up. So with the inflation the prices of everything were going up. But our salary was the same. The Iranian Islamic Republic closed the Tehran German School and so the government teachers tried very hard to keep their positions and keep the school running, but the Iranian government did not want that the Iranian children or German-Iranian children with an Iranian father go to that school any more. Only the German children or the
children with Iranian mother and German father could continue that school. The new school was much smaller and the government teachers have gone to government schools. I came back from Germany and was teacher

Page 21
again in this school. A part time teacher in the new German Embassy School. Now the war between Iran and Iraq started and the inflation goes up and up. And because the Mark had three different rates, so the German teachers and the other Germans and foreign changed their money in the black market and changed it again in the bank with the government rate. I remember that one German killed an Iranian colonel in an accident. They paid the blood money with the money that they got from free market; also for each Mark 200 rials and than they got back from their insurance company for each 40 rials that they spent for the blood money one Mark back; with other words they got 5 times more money from the insurance company in Germany than they spend that means five times more German Marks. So that was another good thing for foreign. They spend their money in Iran, which had been changed in free market and get back the difference by the government rate. So I wrote to the insurance company that they should ask for a receipt from an Iranian bank to know how much they get for a German Mark. If they do not have a receipt that means they changed their money in the free market or black market. It will be then clear where they changed their money, official or free in the black market. So the Germans get angry with me and again after 8 years I was sent out. But the problem was not only the money that the Germans get now 200 times more salary as the Iranians. They looked down on Iranians who get so little money for the same work they looked down to the Iranian teacher and other Iranians who worked there as a second-class people. One of the principal said to me that you are Iranian and

Page 22

must be paid badly, because you are not deserved to have a better life. You will be heart that in your own country the foreign do not respect you and say clearly that you get less money; much less than 200 times less than the foreign, just because you are Iranian. The other Iranian passport holder teachers in the school who were also German and married to Iranians have been paid like Iranians so they were not happy with this situation, too. So we have a gathering and because I was the head of the local teachers, they said I should write a letter to the German government and explain the matter for them that the inflation is very high here and the Mark has three rates and we are paid badly. I sent also a Persian newspaper in English that showed very clearly that a Mark had three different rates in Iran. After I sent the letter the local teacher let me alone and I lost my position as a head of the teacher. The principal of the school said that I should write another letter and say that I was wrong. I said I was not wrong and what I wrote is pure facts. So they said if I do not write the letter I will be sent out of the school. I have been sent out of the school, so I went back to the university and worked as a university teacher there. Again the students were nice and friendly and I thought them as much and as good as I could. I had a very nice and good friend. And I gave him some money as a loan to repair his house and give it back to me in 20 days. Now he does not want to give the

Page 23
money back and wrote to the government that my mother is BahaíI and I am BahaíI and I am teaching at the university the innocent Islamic Students; in an unclear way, that I wanted to influence them and wanted to change their religions. So this time I lost again my job. He even made the life so hard for me as he had a lot of friends in the government and they make the life hell for me. I went to one of my best friend who was like me. His mother was BahaíI and his father was Moslem. He said he had a lovely sister in the USA and she is working there and has a family and she wrote always to me” come Djalal to the USA here is the land of opportunities and you are university teacher and can get here a good job easily”. Djalal was like me and was sent out of job because his mother was BahaíI. Now he says Amir come we can go together to the USA and can work there easily. I will send all my capital to my beloved sister and she said that she will buy houses for me there. Forogh was his only sister from the BahaíI mother; she was a very lovely and friendly girl, as I knew them. Some time in the past we went together to the cinema. She was about 8 years old. Djalal loved his sister more than a sister. He would do everything for her. He trusted his sister so much that he said to me. Amir if you have some capital “come and I will send it to my sister for you to buy a house for you there, too”. In that time we could not go out of Iran, because of the war between Iran and
Page 24

Iraq has been started and we could not go outside Iran any more and it was not possible to travel outside of Iran, the ways were closed. But we thought soon the ways will be opened again and we can go to the USA, the land of opportunities. Djalal started to sell his properties and send them to the beloved sister. And the sister said always “come, o come to the USA even illegal you can find a good job here”. That was Djalal hope to go to the USA. one day in the future. He waited until the way was opened, but again because of religion problem he could not go out of Iran, so he waited again few years until he could go like me out of country, so in that time in the near future he may be able to fly to the beloved sister. After

the war was finished; still Djalal could not go, because his mother was Bahaíi. So he waited again until he can find another legal way to fly to the sister. All the letters that came from the sister were lovely letters and encouraged Djalal to come to the USA. It was 1993 that Djalal could fly for the first time out of Iran. I saw him in Istanbul and he was so happy as he had the visa for the USA and could go there soon, he thought at that time all his problems have been solved. We both got visas and went together to the USA only in different cities. One day I got a letter from Djalal that his sister did not want him any more. As he sent all his capital to her now the husband wants to keep the money and is not willing to share his capital with him, her husband was a Bahaíi. Djalal asked me what could I do. If I go back to Iran my wife and her family will be angry with me because they were not agree to send so much money to my sister even my mother was

Page 25
not happy as she sees that I sent everything to my sister, but I loved and trusted my sister so deeply that even I did not dream she will be changed so deeply and be so indifferent to me. But because the mother was a lovely lady she did not say anything. Now Djalal wrote that they even did not take me to the home, which bought actually with my money. I was here few days on the street until a friend helps me to work and found a place for me to live. Now I am a collage teacher in Florida. In the European school or Iranian school the students are very well trained to learn. And if the students knew or feel that the teacher like them and want to help them and feel the teacher is interested in their life and learning, they will even learn more to make the teacher happy. If you push the students to learn and even force them to do their homework the students and their parent are thank full
and appreciate this. In America in the American schools I experienced the opposite of this, as I tried to push the students to learn the school system did not support me. A student has cheated in my class 15 times. I sent him to the office and called his parent to come and see me. I thought with their support ;I can correct the student as he was a smart boy, but he did not want to listen to me. I called his mother to come and see me. I thought what I want to make him like other students who were working with me. I had two Latin classes in the same room. Latin II and Latin III. The Latin III students were nice and friendly and all of them were working good and all of

Page 26
them were good and students. They were nice, friendly, polite and hard working students. I had no problem with them. In Latin II, my students were good, too. All of them were nice and friendly, except one who does not want to learn and wanted to have fun in the class. He was a smart boy, but he does not like me, because I wanted him to learn in the class. There was another girl in my class, who was very similar to my cousin. She was a beautiful girl and smart, too. She does want to learn as little as possible and wanted to have A also. She always tried to have A without learning and working enough. Actually I liked all my students like my own children and wanted to transfer my experience and knowledge to them as far as I could, but as I was foreign and did not have any support from the school system; so it was hard for me to survive. In European school the school system support the teacher
generally. I was teacher in German school for many years. Always I was supported by the school system generally against the students even the parents have supported me. In Iranian school system also the parents and school system support the teacher even if he did not like the student very much and is not interested in their future life. But here was it different. The girl wanted to learn as less as possible but she wanted to have her a grade. But this boy wanted a grade by cheating. Her mother did not come the first time and I waited for her and she did not appear. For the second time I had a telephone call from the assistant principal

Page 27
that I should go to his office. I went to his office the mother was sitting there with his son. She started that his son is a good son in the house and his room is clean and he is a smart boy. I agree with her that he was smart and is good boy. The only problem that I have with him was that he wanted to cheat in the class and have his A easily without working for it. All other students were working in my class and listening, he was the only one who did not want to cooperate with me and listen to me. Even the beautiful girl was most of the time listening. Than the mother said he does not respect you. I asked why? There was no answer from her side. She started to say that he comes to school for having fun with the girls and socialize with other children and you are forcing him to learn in the class and asking always questions from him. This time assistant principal shouted and yelled at me with a very loud voice, why I always ask him a lot of questions. Let him sit in the class and relax. Let him do what ever

he wants. I do not know why the assistant principal supported this time this student so much. I had two other cases in Latin I, two smart girls wanted to have good score without working for it too. I cut them by cheating in the class. They had the answers in another paper and I sent them to the office. The school system called the parents and me in the office and the school system and the same assistant principal have supported me and said to the parent if they cheat again they be will sent out of the school. From over hundred students that I had
Page 28

in seven different classes only 5 of them wanted not to learn and wanted to have fun in the class also. I corrected most of my students to be good students. Tiffany and Elizabeth both of them were good and smart, but they prefer to have good score without learning for it. But after the school supported me they both have been changed to good nice students and they learn very good and I have no problems with them any more. Actually I love my students like my own children and I wanted that they get good score and do not waste their time in the class. But I do not know why with this special boy; the school system did not support me. They believe more the words of the parent who supported their boy and the boy words than my words and me. After yelling and shouting of the assistant principal, even the mother said later to me “poor man” she sees the matter as a fight not as cooperation. She does not see me as a teacher who wants to help her son, but she wanted me to force to give a good score to his son without his trying to get a good score. As the school system supported me
with the two other girls. I thought this time they will do the same. But this time I was wrong. The mother even asked the assistant principal if they can monitor with a camera me in the class, because she afraid that I force his son to learn. That was the first time I listen such sentence. My son is coming to school to have fun with the girls and you are forcing him to learn. You cannot damage his future and you must give him good score. Now the boy was out of control and wanted to be a hero

Page 29
in the class and so the girls will admire him by cheating and not respecting the teacher. I was here in the USA, because in my own country I could not work; so I did what ever they asked me. Even in the time that the assistant principal shouted and yelled at me in a very bad voice and rude manner form ;I kept quite and did not react against that, because I wanted to keep my position. Sorrowfully that brings me to a very poor situation that the students especially the boy knew now that I am in a very weak situation and he can do with me what ever he wants and the school system and parent will support him and not me. Now he wanted to make himself as a winner and me as a loser. He said clearly that he does not want to learn in my class and he wanted good score from me, too. And if I do not give him what he wants my boss the assistant principal will get it for him from me. I did not know that what ever he was saying could come to be truth. As he has disturbed my class and was not listening to me and tried to influence other students to do the same ;I asked the teacher union which collect money from my salary every month to support me. So they ask the principal to move the boy to other class. Now he was in other class and I must give the other teacher materials for him to work in her class. She did not teach the same subject. She said that he is working well in her class. Now we came to the end of the school year and I must give the final score. In the final exam he wrote a F and now he
Page 30

was with his parent and school principal and the other teacher in the office and they wanted that I change the F to A or B. Now the student said that the materials in the exam was out of the book and I must bring the book and show them exactly that the questions are not out of the book; whatever the student said I must show them in the book and prove it. The Latin book II had 24 lessons and I just questioned him 20 words from the first 3 chapters. And he gets an F. Now I said to the parent that I will give him time to learn these 3 chapters again and I will make another exam and if he knows these three chapters, he will get a better score. They changed one time my D to B for him and this time they wanted for his F a better score, too. But all of them wanted a good score without any trying and working from the student side. They insisted that I should give him now a good score. The principal said that the parent could sue him. I do not know why. They force me to give a good score. Now I knew whatever the student said is right; that school system in this particular case will get a good score for him. I said I am more sorry for the boy than for myself, you are training him to cheat and be rewarded; do you thing that later the police and judge will forgive him for

his cheating activity. You are abusing the boy. The father said you are not right my boy never cheat. With other words the student cheats and the teacher is punished. I asked in other case a girl to bring her book with and she had never had the book with herself. She
Page 31

went with her mother to the counselor and the counselor told me in her office that she can look in her friendís book and need not to bring her book with herself. With other words I could not even ask the student to bring her/his book with in the school. So these 5 students in whole 7 classes that I had could be not corrected and the system was so indifferent; they even did not try to correct them. The other students damage the computer and torn the books in the class, I sent him to the office again; now I must prove that he did that activities and he was saying he did not do these and the school assistant principal believed him and not me; the computer has been damaged by itself and the book was torn by itself, too. Later the same student put the projector in my eye and pointed laser in my eye, too, so the teacher is a victim and the police and judge have so much power and the teacher is a helpless person, why the student who has so much freedom in the school, later the judge should have so much power over him, he is trained not to respect adult or the teacher, why later he is forced to respect the police and judge, why the teacher should not be respected and the police and judge should be respected by her/him. Is not this a dual moral? I remembered the other side of the case, which I was student and the teachers, were so cruel and hit the students and punished them when they have no homework. I was sick one day and next day I went to school. The teacher sent me out of the class to the principal and he without any question he hit me. I was so angry that I wrote bad words about the teacher on the

Page 33
wall and now they hit and punished me so badly that I had a lot of wound in my body. From one extreme to another extreme. If the students will be very well trained in the school, later they will have no problems with the police and judges. Now the other side, the students do not respect the teachers and are cruel to them. I thought always I would be a teacher and will love and help the students. Now the teacher cannot even touch the students and must respect them as adult
which are good, but why the teacher should not be respected? As I was teacher in different countries I can come to one result. The system, which controls the world, does want unity of mankind. In other countries the children have no possibilities to learn and going to school or collage and they are so willing to learn, but they cannot. In Iran the entry exam is so difficult that maybe 1 from 20 can pass the exam. In American everybody can go to collage and the teacher are in the service of students. But as I was teacher in high school here, I saw how the teacher is abused by the system, by the students and the school system. In one school year more than 20 times I was asked to the office that the students are saying I am teaching too much. I must slow down and have fun with the students they said. Take them out and play with them. In other countries the students want to learn and have no possibilities and here they have the possibilities and do not want to learn, because the system does not want them to be very well trained. They want to use drug and other illegal materials, but they do not want to learn and listen to the teachers and nobody care about them and explain them to use drugs is not good. I remember that in Germany one time a girl in my class

Page 34

was crying and I asked her why she was crying. She said that the other teachers said, listen, you are so unlucky that a camel rider is teaching you now. It was I. That time I had a country and I could go back immediately. As I was in the air I promised to myself that I would never go back to other countries for working or learning. When the people of other countries do not like us why we should go there. But than come revolution in Iran and because my mother was BahaíI the regime of Iran did not accept me as a
Moslem and I should go out of the country and I must come here in the USA to be punished by the Christians or Americans, because I am not from here, I did not study here, and I do not know the culture very well. Generally the Americans do not have patient for other cultures and they do not give me the same chance. So in Iran I was in a top position and here I must start from the bottom again. The system is different, my experience is different and all of these bring my situation down and make it hard. I worked here as a teacher in Cyber High School and they did not pay me, they want free work, but I must pay all costs. I worked here in the Public High School and they did not pay me, because I was foreigner and have no help. Nobody in the school system had interest to help me. I went to the head officer in Iran to ask why I should not work as a teacher as I was a professional teacher. He said you could work as a physical worker. You are strong and can work as physical worker that was in Iran and the same statement has been said to me here in the USA is the same way that they wanted me to work as a physical worker not as a teacher, why, because I teach too much and I am from other country. The excuse in Iran was that your mother is BahaíI and you were teacher and student in the Christian school and if you want to stay here as a teacher you must write articles in the newspaper against the other religions and so you can stay in your position that was in Iran and here, a mother says to me my boy does not respect you, because you are foreigner. This time I came to the USA without having

Page 35
other choice. In my German class I had a Russian boy who was some how against Iran. He thought that Iranians are much more back in the culture as the Russians and so he said to the students in the class that we are riding camels in our country instead of cars. The same question had been asked many years ago in Turkey as one student asked me if in Iran there is any car. Now the students in my German II look to me as a camel rider, too. In the time I was teacher at the Azad University in Iran or at the German Schools, the students were so nice and friendly and they learn so good that it was a pleasure to teach them. I was never tired for teaching them. Now I was forced to teach in American Schools and the system did not support me. So my position as a full time teacher changed to a substitute teacher. Even as a sub teacher I was not respected. I was teacher one day in a school and even the policeman in the school remembered me that I was in the school, but the school system said you were not in the school and I was not paid. The policeman the sheriff did not want to write a letter for me and prove that I was in the school. He knew me even as we were in the same class at the university in some courses, but he was indifferent in this case and does not want to write a letter that I was in the school. He was indifferent just like many other people. That is not my problem and that is your problem, so you must solve it by yourself alone. As in Germany they say I cannot help
Page 36
you. The love has been died and why the people are trained to be indifferent and very selfish. Why because the system in the world will that situation. If in Iran there was no inflation, the people will not delay their payment. If they people try to understand each other and be nice and friendly with each other, the life will be much more beautiful and much nicer than now, but if there is no hate and disunity then, who will buy these weapons and how can these weapons be sold. If there was no inflation in Iran and law system considered the inflation and the interest so the people would not delay to pay their loan back. I came to the USA, because I had problem in my own country and could not stay there. My son and wife think that I was not smart enough to keep my position in Iran, because I had no other choice. How can I write article in the newspapers against my motherís religion? How can I write anything against Christians? How can I write something against Islam? My half brothers and sisters they were even nicer to me as my own full sister. My full sister and her husband who were Bahai and I sent them almost all my capital let me not in the house, which has been bought by my money anyhow. But I was always will come in my half brothers and sister house, even in the house of their children I was well come. I did not do anything special for them. I thought the Bahais are much better than Moslems and they will help me as I lost everything for that faith. But I was ignored and rubbed by my Bahai family. I thought the letters and documents which I have and show very clearly that I sent the money to my sister to buy a house for me will help, but 8 years letter writing to the spiritual assembly was a useless work. Just like in Iran, they did not have any interest about me and ignored me. To whom should we go? The System and Organization in the whole world getting indifferent. Even if you are a victim of a religion they do not care about you. People and the government in Iran misused me, because my mother was Bahai and I have been misused here by my Bahai family and have been ignored by Bahai organizations. What will be the result, my son does not believe in love anymore and as they saw that the Bahai system is indifferent, they have left me, too. And coming here did not give me a better position and the persecuted position, which I had in Iran. In this time I was with Djalal, he cried and said, that I had no other choice like you. I could not work in Iran any more and the people did not like me any more as my mother was Bahaíi. Five years I worked hard and prepared the simple life for myself and as I got a full time position as a teacher and thought this position will continue so I wrote to my family to come here and I can support them a little bit, but as they came here the school system changed my position and I was not a full time teacher any more. I was a part time teacher in collage and substitute teacher
in school system. That was my punishment, because the school system believe the students more than me, because I am like you from Middle East, and they think the Middle East people do not like them and will damage their system as they
Page 37

the Middle East people think the oil companies robbed their countries so the Middle East people will take the revenge. A girl said that I want to change her B to C, because she did not listen in the class and the school system believed it. The assistant principal called me in the class and said very loud that I should give a B to that girl. I never said to the girl that I would change her B to C. I gave everyday credits to the students who listen in the class, but if they did not concentrate in the class and if I ask something and or ask them to continue reading and they did not know where it was; so they will got a negative point for their participation in the class. In this way I could control them to listen and work in the class with reward of participation and the other teacher did the same thing. If the student does not listen so he/she could not answer. And I gave him/her a negative point. The problem is that the people want to keep their positions even if they know they do not treat other people nicely. After the boy get his F changed to B. the mother said to the assistant principal thank you sweaty. The assistant principal helped me to correct the other students, but he did not help me to correct this boy. And I do not know why? Djalal said that he had the same problem with the school system, they do not respect the foreign teachers like the American ones. He said my son and wife get very upset, as they knew I have lost my position as a full time teacher and they were blaming on me and said, if I did what ever they wanted I would keep my position. But how can you keep your position if you let

Page 38
the students cheat and do nothing. The other students will cheat, too. Nobody will learn as the class cannot be control and everybody can cheat and the teacher has no power to cut them…how can you teach, if the students are supported to cheat?
If the teacher in the class will ignore cheating, so you cannot control the class. The son blamed that I was not smart enough to keep my position. In Persian they asked me to write article against other religions in the newspapers if I want to keep my position. Here they wanted me to ignore cheating of one student. Is it right? Sometime you have no other choice. You want to work for the humanity and the unity of mankind so you cannot allow the injustice happen. My son and wife think that I could do better for them and I did not. I even said and wrote to them if they do not like here; they can go back. They come here without anything and I did everything for them. Both of them have jobs and cars and earn almost the same money as I do. But they are not happy and do not appreciate whatever I did. The Florida law says if you want to change your mortgage your wife should sign, too. The rate of mortgage came down from 6.7 to 3 present but my wife does not come to sign, so I must pay more interest. The local assembly spiritual of the BahaíI did not explain this to my wife and so she did not come to sign and my son and wife do not cooperate with me. One time the Local Spiritual Assembly explain this to my wife and she came and sign. The second time they even encourage her not to sign and she did not sign, because she is a simple woman and listen to other people. If she was smart and know the situation she would come and sign. As the government interfere in the family situation and force me to pay the child support to them, my children do not have any connection with me. First my brother in law took my money and separated me from my children

Page 39
for four years, now the government of the USA interferes in the private life, so they think they do not need to cooperate with me any more. And the indifferent people in the Local Spiritual Assembly of
the BahaíI did the same work, they were indifferent to me and did not explain the situation to my wife, and so she did not sign the papers. You see all of these happen because the society will disunity. The people should not try to understand each other and be open to each other and be indifferent to each other. So the
system in the world will separate the people in the small groups and train them that they have right and other cultures and groups are wrong and if you want to work for the unity of mankind, you will be separated from the society, in Iran I was not respected and could not get a normal job as my mother was BahaíI, in the new Islamic system I have been persecuted and here
in the USA I have the same problem as I am from Middle East I cannot have the same rights. By separation of people, they can control them easier and use them to be against each other and even kill each other if necessary. The world system is based on hate and disunity. The people trained even not to listen to each other and they say I am right you are wrong without giving chance to other people to explain themselves. They are not open to other mind and thinking and will think whatever they know and believe is the best. And if some one want to work for the unity and humanity of mankind regardless to the races, nationalities and religions and

Page 40
will be fair to other cultures and thinking, they, these type of people will be persecuted even by their own family. So what will be the result, the people will be trained to ignore each other and disrespect each other and see these differences as a negative one and be indifferent with each other. I must pay more interest to the bank and because the local spiritual assembly of the Bahais did not explain this to my wife, they are indifferent and that is exactly what the system of the world want. They want the people to be like robots and do not love each other and be indifferent to each other so they can control them as an individual much easier than as a whole. Separate the people than you can damage them. If the people listen to each other and think and will be fair to each other the problems in the world will be solved and than how can the business people who are involved with drugs and weapons, can sell their products. The bad people should have good positions and the robots should control the world; the people who are like robots and should marketing for hate, war, drug, sex and disunity so they can make money, billions of

dollars and easy money. They (these type of people, who do not love the humanity) should not work but they have a nice life. You know that Islam divided in two big religions Shia and Soni . The Shias say the Sonis are not right and the Sonis say the same thing. I had Shia student and he said that the Soni are not the right Moslem , they are wrong and must be corrected and if they cannot be corrected must be killed. In the USA I had another

Page 41
student who was Soni and said the same thing, that the Shaia are wrong and if they do not change to Soni must be killed. That is the same with the churches; they are saying the same thing, but they do not believe each other as a right one. I went to Orlando church; they are saying the same thing that other churches say, but they are saying that they are the only right one. Each church and each religion say that I am the right one and the other one is wrong and they are the Satan churches. So what will be the result, the people fight with each other in the name of God and religions? So as they did it in the past, too. If you trust the people and help them, so you will be punished by the same people and the society, what will be the result, the people will be changed to be indifferent and do not care about the others as if they care about other people so, they will be punished. As I was here and tried to build a new life from beginning Djalal said, and as my sister did not want to pay her loan and my money back to me, or the money that I sent her to buy houses for me in the USA. I must start everything from very beginning and I must start from zero point again. I worked as truck driver, bus driver to survive and as I had a full time job as a teacher I

thought I can bring my family here. My wife always wrote that the 15 years old son makes the life hell for all of them so I did their paperworkís and they came here, now they were not happy and wanted more. They wanted to have a much better life, which at that time, I could not offer them. So they left me and I must start the life again from zero point. If I were
Page 42
indifferent and wrote to them wait until I come there, I would not have this problem at all. You will have problems if you are trying to help the people, so one day you will start to be indifferent, too. And that is exactly what they (the people who control the world by selling drug to the young and hate to the others and want to damage the whole world, so they can have their benefits, they will ignorant people, so they can control them much easier, than smart, nice people) will. Be indifferent so they can do what ever they want. Robots, just do what you are said to do and do not think. Be cruel to the other and do your job at any costs. Do not think and do not love. The love should die. So they can sell their drugs, weapons, get cheap oil and other materials from the so called third world and sell their products 200 time more expensive to the same countries which have basic materials and not the technology to change them. Sex should replace love and Love of money should replace the love of humanity or God. I see that my own son is worshipping the money and is indifferent and do not care about the others. That is the force of society, which change the people to be robots. I am a teacher in Florida. Who gives drugs to my students? Why my students should use drugs? The police here has so much power, that if you do not wait a stop sign for a long time they arrest you and even they want you to take to jail just for not waiting enough for a stop sign, nobody will listen to you. The court people

do not listen to you. Even it is worse than Iran; they are so indifferent. What they want is money and if you do not have money to pay them you will be persecuted, they do not listen to you at all.
A system that want indifferent people in whole world. You must just try to save yourself and be indifferent with
Page 43
the others, if you will help the others, you will be punished, so the people will be trained to be indifferent and just help themselves. Djalal stopped and said that is the story. We should be indifferent like them and do not care about other people. As I helped my friend and he did not want to pay in time and may be he did not want to pay at all. Than I thought as I was in Iran what ever I had were enough documents, which shows a man who showed himself as a good man but later he has robbed me. But the system did not count the 30% inflation so he wanted to delay his payment so he would than make money. If the system was good and would not to be so indifferent, he would not play with me because at the end he should pay everything. Because he would know at the end he must pay the whole inflations and the time that he wasted and I wasted. But he knew that the judgment system in Iran do not count the inflation for them it is as the interest; the interest is not legal in Islam. It was for the time that the money was gold coin and it is clear that for gold coin, there is no inflation, but now the money is not gold coin, it is paper money with 30% inflation. But the system in the world is indifferent and they do not count this. Nobody will listen to me that I have been robbed and my capital has gone to the people who make money in any case, who are trained to take money from the other people and be supported by the system. I thought with all my documents that shows I have been robbed I have the upper hand and the system needed just to see my papers. But that was not the case; but they do not have

Page 44

time and interest to see my papers. What will you do in such indifferent system?
You have no other chose than to be more careful and be indifferent and that is exactly what the system of the world wants and train the people in this way. I will be concerned as a simple man, who cannot manage his life and so called the smart people have cheated him. A man who believed in the just and thought the people work for just. There is no just in the whole world and for this reason the people are careful with each other and are indifferent. So the people will be changed to be robots without any feeling for the other people and without any concern about the other people. So they can even kill the people and nobody will protest, because they know if they protest, they get in trouble, too. Even if a dictator starts to work for the people and not for the interest of the business people who brought him to such position, he will be removed by force or by his own people or by foreign powers. In the shah time the people said why the people from other countries should always earn much more money as an Iranian with the same qualification. I remembered that my salary as a teacher in German school was four time less than a German teacher. But after revolution their salary was every day more and one day they earn 40 times more than me. I wrote to the German government, that I couldnít live with this salary. Even the Germans have persecuted me. As I was teacher in America, I have asked the German Embassy School to confirm my teaching in their school, they did not do that. So all my experience in the German School and German Embassy School was not considered in the American Schools. That the system in the world will robots and not people with feeling and with the love. If the people change to be like robots, they can do what ever they want. Nobody will say anything, because they do not care for each other. I thought, with all documents that I have from my friend in Iran, any judge will understand easily that I have been cheated and misused, my trust and the love for humanity has been misused. He was in very bad shape, his wife was died and his 6 children were hungry. People occupied his house and they did not pay any rent and they damaged his building, too. Now he has sent them out and wanted just to repair and paint the building for rent. He asked me for 20 days only. But later he misused my trust and help and wanted to have a full advantage from my love and trust. In the time that he was crying badly, if I did say, God will help you and I will pray for you and was not involved in his trouble; I could save a lot of money and time. Sorrowfully it is always so, if you love you must suffer. If you are indifferent, you are safe. If I did not help him, he would stay my friend and I would have no problem with him at all. I could say, that I do not have money to give. I did not need to go to my other friend and borrow money for him. The same problem has happened with the sister of Djalal. If he did not trust his sister, he would not have all these problems. He had his money and the respect of his sister. Now he lost his money and the respect or love of the sister together. So what will be the result, just to be indifferent, that is the only way? Just I am sorry, I cannot help you. I will pray for you, the God will help you. He is more powerful and more important than the people. That is the way you can be counted as smart. If you give what you need for yourself to the people, later the people will not give it back to you on time than you are in trouble. You can trust the people, but not so much that you get by yourself in trouble. As my friend Mortezah was in such bad need and he cried so bitterly. I thought I must do for him everything that I can do. But what did he do later for me, he wrote to the revolution court, that I am Bahai and wanted to be university teacher to misuse the innocent Moslem students. So I was involved with the revolutionary court and the main subject that I have been robbed by him, was totally forgotten, actually, that I was totally rubbed and he wanted cruelly damage my life, so if I am dead, he can have all my capital, that was his thinking for a man who wanted to help him. The masterworks of the judges in Iran were so that they sent me to the jail. The words of Mortezah were documents and my documents were ignored. I thought with all his writing, documents, checks, even the passports of his children, that he said these passports are more important for me than gold, because there are the future of my children, the documents of his house and garden that I have and any blind and normal judge will know easily that he has taken a lot of money from me. But all of them were not important; the judge was listening to his words only and reacts of his words. He was so happy, that he could send me so easily to jail and he thought I would fear from his huge influence in the Ministry of Just in Iran. I tried to write my story in the newspapers and tried to speak with very high-level people in the government. The police could not catch him, and what ever I said, were sending from one court to the other court, so nobody could read them. Djalal thought the same, he thought if he sent the letters of his sister that showed very clearly that she wrote “send your money, we will buy houses for you here in the USA; any local spiritual assembly will act accordingly. It was very clear that the sister wrote send you money; I will buy for you houses. Not to buy houses for themselves and put his name as a second mortgage. Without any interest and without any time for giving back the money to Djalal. But Djalal wrote more than 8 years letters to the local spiritual, national spiritual and even international spiritual assembly, but none of them act properly and so said Mahmud, they ignore you and they do not have time for you. This indifference action gives Djalal son and wife to act
indifferently, too. So they thought now everybody is indifferent why we should support Djalal, he is a loser anyhow. When the national and international Bahai center does not act properly and ignore Djalal, why we should be united with him, he is the loser. He is not smart and trusted his sister. He loves his sister so much and now he should experience the indifferent action of his beloved sister. Again what will be the result, the people get indifferent and they do not trust each other at all. And that is exactly what the business people want. If there is disunity and not love and trust they can sell their products. Who wants to buy a weapon for million of dollars, when the people love and respect each other and help each other. If they do not fight, who wants to buy expensive weapons?

Why I like to have MA degree in English
I have been a teacher and substitute teacher in Florida for about 8 years. I am Iranian and so my mother language is not English, but as a teacher in the USA, I should have mastery of the language that I teach. To study by myself is not enough and I do not know which books and which materials are more important for me to read in order to learn. If I can make my MA here, so I can have a lot of contact with American professional in English language and with the time and my effort my English language will much better. I have contact with high-class educated people and teachers, professors that is an opportunity for me to improve my language and classify it in an academic form. I am a writer and I used to be teacher in seven different countries and had a lot of students from different races, nationalities and religions, so it will help me to understand better English and express my experience in a better English that will be easier for the normal Americans to read and get my massage. To have contact with university people, teachers and professors can bring my knowledge higher and with cooperation and exchange I can share my experience with them and they can help me to understand better the cultures and language and write and think in the American way. As I am a teacher, I must have always more information and more knowledge to help better my students. I can share my knowledge with them and transfer better my experience to them as I can have a degree from American university. I have study mainly in Iran. To have a degree from USA will help me to know and understand better your literatures, language and people as well. I think a teacher must always study, as the science and humanity grows and or changes. I was more than 20 years teacher and I had different students from different cultures and from different countries. That gives me a vast understanding of different people and different cultures. I can speak four languages fluently, but I do not know if I have mastery in these languages as a native educated person? I tried to help my students to have a better knowledge and better judgment in their lives. I can teach much better if I will be trained in an American university. I can write better if I have more contact with professional people who are professors, teachers or graduated students, who are researching for the science or literature. I have been a teacher and substitute teacher in Florida for 8, approximately. There was a time when I had 7 different classes every day. German I, German II, German III, German AP, collage level German in High school, Latin I, Latin II and Latin III. I used to teach them the same way I used to do when I was a German teacher in Germany. Some of them were not happy about this method. Maybe I was pushing too much. Unfortunately the school system did not help me change my method, I mean adjust it to the American System. That is one of the reasons, which encourage me to have an American university diploma. Like I said before, I cannot study by myself, it is better to study at an institute and share the experience with other educated people and use their knowledge and guidance also. To be under umbrella of an American university, will give me more security to act like an American teacher and not like a European teacher. As I was about 20 years teacher in German and British schools so I know their method, but I do not know very well the American method and culture. What I guess may not be right. I think that American students are more neglected than Europeans because in Germany the teacher has much more power then here. May be some teacher misused their power in the past, and for this reason the system took their power. I think to discuss this matter will give me a better view of American language and culture and how they think and what they want. In Europe if a student come to the class without any greeting, that is not normal and it is very bad and impolite. The people think he or she is sick or abnormal. I think here it is very normal that the students look in the eyes of the teacher and come to the class without any greeting. I have greeted them, but they did not give me any answer or they ignored me. I did not understand why they are so and was very upset. When I was friendly with them, they start taking advantages from me. They did not to listen at all and they did not to do any homework. I do not want to be unfair and as a guest in your country I will not critic your society. I cannot and will not to change your culture. I will only understand and accept your way of life. Some nations do not like to listen to the critic from foreigners, they think they do not have right to critic their lives and think they will try to change their lives. It is very hard to change the way of lives of other nations. The children and people who are growing up with this culture, it will useless to change their style and their culture, because any culture could not be better than other culture. That is only different. I will only mention the differences, which will help the foreigner understand your culture better and help the American to understand their culture, too. My American students always said that I am trying to discipline them like European or even German students. They called me even that I am like Hitler and want to change their lives and give a hard discipline to them. In India the family of girl is looking for a good husband and they will pay the husband money to marry their daughter, sometime they give to the husband what ever they have to make may be their daughter happy. In Iran is opposite, the family of man are responsible for the marriage and the man should look with the help of his family for a girl. The family of girl never looks for a husband and asks the man to marry their daughter. It is completely the opposite of the culture in India and it is even bad if the girl family go after a husband for their daughter. In Europe and here, the young people look for girl friends or boy friends with whom later they will marry. In Iran to have a boy friend like a husband is a very bad thing and is a taboo. You see with Iranian measurement an American girl with a boy friend is a bad girl, but here it is very normal. The people even accept that their daughter live with her boy friend in the same room. That was just one example; I can write a lot of other example concerning the differences of other cultures. In Iran the teacher is very well respected. My mother was a teacher. One time I was with my mother on the street. Two generals have said very loud, that is Mrs. Dorudkar is coming and they saluted my mother as if she was a queen. They respect the teacher even after 30 years. Here as the student comes in the class I said to him good morning. He said no answer to me and sometimes they said Humm instead of a greeting. It is almost impossible in Iran and is regarded as a very bad habit and they think the parents of the student should have problems. Or he is not normal. Here I see that it is very normal. The students come to the class without any greeting. In Germany any one who come to a room should take off his hat and greet the other people who are in the room. Here the student looks in my eyes and come in the class. In Iran the police cannot go to the school without permission of the head of the school. It is an insult for the school when the police come in. Here the police have an office in the class. Here the judge is rude and hard to the people, police is hard and is respected by the people. In Iran the people respect the teacher. Here the children are free in the school to do what ever they want, they do not need to respect the teachers. But out of the school they should respect police and judge. I cannot understand this point. When they are free not to respect the teacher, why they should have fear and afraid from police and judges. For me it is a paradox from one side they are trained not to respect the teacher and from other side they respect the police and judge so much and they are generally very hard to them. From one side the American children and students are free to do in the school what ever they want, but outside school if they do the same thing they go to jail. I do not know if the police and judge will forgive the students or not as the teachers are doing or must do. I will not say that the people in Iran or Europe are better or worst. I am trying just to write that they are different.

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