Question about vita of Baha`ullah.

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Posted by Noebel ( on May 23, 2003 at 23:19:17:

Dear x,

already since a little while I try to find out wether or not Baha`ullah has been on the hajj to
Mekka. I understand as a Manifestation of God for Him He can do what He likes to do. But as I think it would be perhaps a great help for any muslim to
better accept the good news, so I would like to find out more about this question. His time spent in Kurdistan for example could be better explained by a fact like the obligatory hajj for a muslim. Or must I by any means exclude the idea
of Baha`ullah having gone through an eduction which for me seemed to be a very tradionnal one, i.e. following up the five pillars of Islam:
1) Schahad 2)Salat 3)Sakat 4)Saum 5)Hajj.
Please answer my question as soon as possible, it could be very helpful for the better understanding
of the Bahai-Faith. a true seeker

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