Baha'u'llah's brother the physician

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Posted by Al Black ( on May 28, 2003 at 23:00:10:

I am aware that Baha'u'llah's personal physician was his faithful brother. Does anyone know was he a naturapath or homeopath, what school did he train in, is text or literature from this school of training known and available.

I have pursued health for sometime as an avocation. I have read the compilation that is available and may pursue a more directed or professional course of study and possibly a career change. I want to research and discuss with others the concept of a physician from a Baha'i perspective. I know that we are cautioned to not promote the concept of 'Baha'i healer.' My purpose is to explore the schools of thought on healthcare from the knowledge and insight provided by the writings and sacred institutions.

Any imput or information is appreciated,

Al Black. West Lafauyette, Indiana

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