Learning Arabic and Persian

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Posted by Corky ( on May 29, 2003 at 10:24:38:

Can people here comment on the best ways to learn Arabic and/or Persian? I have taken two years of college Persian and am pretty good but not nearly at the level I need to be for it to be of any use with the holy writ. I would like to take Arabic in the academy as well.

However, I'm aware that living in a Persian/Arabic environment (immersion) is the only way to achieve complete mastery and fluency of the tongues. While that is a somewhat dangerous step to take these days, I am willing to do so. Finding an Arabic environment (and a relatively safe one) would probably not be too hard. But I imagine it would be difficult to live in Iran because of my status as a Baha'i.

Can anybody here who has tried to learn the two languages give me some guidance on what some good initial steps to take are?


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