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Posted by Brett Zamir ( on June 28, 2003 at 01:53:36:

Dear friends,

I am confident and hopeful that all of us at this site appreciate the great work which Jonah does and has done for maintaining this site, and the personal sacrifices he has silently made to keep it going.

Though he has not in any way asked me to do this (or is even aware I am doing it), I really think it is in order that a general appeal be made for those of us consistently using the site to consider making a reasonable preferably regular contribution (say annually) to ensure the upkeep and expansion of this site. I'm sure Jonah would not want people to feel deterred from using this site and its great resources by mandating contributions, but I think we as Baha'is should at least be trying to see to it that he can at least make ends comfortably meet, not to mention be reasonably able to expand a site which could, as he has written, really benefit from some further paid help.

I will also testify that in my knowing Jonah, he has been scrupulous for the integrity of the site, extremely open to and solicitous of consultation, and is otherwise upright personally as well.

I am told by an Iranian friend that the sacred Writings encourage us to, in addititon to the regular Fund, to also set aside some contributions for the upkeep of the Baha'i newsletter. Though this would not apply here, since the context was as I understand it in making contributions to the Baha'i Funds strictly (earmarked for the purpose of supporting the Baha'i news) and Jonah's site is not affiliated with the administration (and thus not related to our obligations as Baha'is to the Baha'i Fund), I think that we still ought to consult our consciences as to the support due to such an invaluable online resource as this one (especially for those of us without Baha'i software), for the support of the person tirelessly making it possible, and for the opportunities for further possibilities our contributions might help open up.

Jonah had formerly posted details on how to contribute to the site at

Thanks for your time.

best wishes all,

(I ask your forgiveness Jonah, if you are uncomfortable with my making this request here.)

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