"Love Thy Enemy"

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on July 26, 2003 at 07:29:29:

Jonah has written: "I must remind people that multiple pseudonyms is NOT allowed. ... As users saw last January, this bulletin board will be shut down if it becomes a source of misinformation or disinformation, or even disharmony."

This view lacks diplomacy and wisdom. All Bahaíis of Good Faith must know that central to faith is belief, and this belief is complete, pure, sacred, loving and unequivocally devotional, requiring no aid of "proof" by science or documentary fact, all of which is suspect by definition.

The Bahai Faith is a source of disharmony to those who persecute Bahaíis, who kill Bahaíis or who have broken the Covenant and assail the Faith with their intrusions. Our Force of Love and Peace is disharmonious in a world where terror as murder is seen as a path to Allah and Grace by so many around the world. It is an ironic disharmony, but a disharmony all the same.

The constant effort to avoid conflict of words is to minimize the strength of all True Bahaíis who will not be swayed by foolishness and calumny. There are thousands of personal slurs against our fourfold historical leaders. None matter and non dissuade us for we have no fear of our enemies. Nor do we underestimate the ability of our enemies - the enemies of peace - to sow discontent and disbelief wherever they can.

We can in fact measure our Greatness by our enemies. If we were no-one and nothing, we would have no enemies. Disharmony (within limits) should be welcomed, not be issued as a warning, as it has been written in the quotation that began this posting. To be issued as a warning is to show weakness, doubt and fear. We who believe must fear no-one and, as ordained, especially not our enemies. We have been told to love our enemies. The profound importance of "love thy enemy" is, in my opinion, rarely understood. More should be written to explain the importance of this Sacred, Unblemished Command.

Stuart Gilman

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