Prayer on paper

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Posted by Larry ( on August 23, 2003 at 12:36:44:

Dear friends,

At a recent devotional meeting the following prayer attributed to Abdul-Baha was typed on a piece of paper but no source was given.

Does anyone know the source of this prayer? Is it authentic?

"O Lord, Thou hast ordained the family to be the basic social unit. Thou
hast provided loving mothers and fathers with wonderful children. Today
these families are split asunder by war and the threat of war, knowing not
when or whether they shall embrace each other again. We are sick at heart
knowing of the suffering that they are going through.

O God, protect them with Thine all-embracing love. Unite the troubled and
distraught family members again as Thou willest.

O God, bring peace to this contentious world, that war and bloodshed may
cease for all time, and loving brotherhood may sprout in the hearts and
minds of all mankind."

Thank you,

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