Baha'i Library Online status report, project notes

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Posted by Jonah ( on October 09, 2003 at 18:50:55:

To my patient audience,

It's been six weeks since I "replaced" the old website with the new one. The old one is of course still active and will remain online for years. Here's a progress report.

The system appears to be running smoothly. I've been using it to import the old data (files, books, photos, listings) and others have been using it to upload new ones. It still needs a lot of little touches, such as improved sorting, search features, and corrected punctuation in the automated output (extra periods, missing spaces, etc -- every possible permutation of the 70+ fields has to be punctuated separately for the Collection view, I keep finding new permutations with bad punctuation, e.g. if an item has no author but has an editor *and* has an original publication date but not a current one, then the system inserts an extra period in the listing). I've made a list of features requests and a to-do list to keep track of projected improvements.

It'll be a couple months before I get back to programming the system, I'm going back to paid work for a while. In the meantime, I'm importing the old items one-by-one. The listing and catalogue reference for every item in the Library is in the new system, but the content itself and most of the header info (publisher, date, permissions, subtitle, language, blurb, etc.) has not been entered. It takes about 10 min. per file to do this and I'm on #582 out of about 1950 total. Most of the items for collections Archive through Fiction (alphabetical) are in the new system, but items in collections Guardian through Writings (Sacred) are for the most part merely referenced from the new system and have yet to be imported or fully catalogued.

So that's where we stand... In the meantime, Brett is making solid progress on his Collaborative Baha'i Wiki pages.

Does anyone have any features requests?


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