What is a covenant breaker?

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Posted by Jiveh ( on October 22, 2003 at 10:48:05:

Dear friends,

I have done much reading on the subject and there are and arn't much conculusive statements in regards to the subject.

for example:
How does one become a covenant breaker?
What does one have to do to be considered a covenant breaker?
What could lead others to think "hey this person is acting like a coventant breaker"?
How does one, if un-aware of his poisition in the Baha'i faith, begin to etertain such vein imaginings?

Surely all of those who are deemed covenant breakers offically by the UHJ and the Hands of The Cause dont relaize their mistakes and, in most cases, continue the erratic poisonous correspondances and futile justifications.

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