The Borg and The Baha'is

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Posted by Omid ( on November 18, 2003 at 14:30:04:

The Borg and the Baha'is. Does anyone else see the corrilation? not to be taken literally but there are a lot of parrallels. they operate with complete unity and harmony. they are like one body. And they go around spreading what they think is right. its funny how in the show Star Trek that the Borg are looked at as being the ultimate foe. Why is that? In the Voyager series there is a sexy character named 7 of 9. She was a Borg and they captured her and restored her back to her human self. However, she wants to be BORG! The way she described living with the Borg is, to say the least, peaceful and harmonious. A collective voice was her conscious and she was content with just being a humble drone. Now, take the star trek analogy and relate it to spiritual terms and I think anyone would have a good laugh about how much in the theory the Baha'is are supposed to be like the Borg.

Also, if anyone has talked to some Christians about the New World Order, they fly off the handle and say antichrist , antichrist! But the prospect and notion of having a world government is one of the main tenets of our Faith. I think personally that people here in the west, take so much pride in being individuals and having freedom of speech and expression that they will not dare give that up for the collecive good. Am I wrong? Its hard to say in the future if a Baha'i constitution will be supportive of all the things the westerners hold so dear. first ammendment rights and all that freedom.

After reading some covenant breaker sites and chatting with them. I have found that the only reason that they are voicing there "opinions" is becuase they think they have the right to.
The was a document put out by the UHJ specifically adressing this issue

I guess its true that one has to tread very carefully when wanting to express a personal veiw to Baha'is. I mean sure speak freely during the consultative portion of feast but becareful what you say. After reviewing some stories of covenant breakers there is no doubt that nationalism is more important than Faith to these individuals. They would rather voice there own personal opinion and make sure everyone hears it than to submit and admit they might not know everything.

I wonder what the borg do with rougue drones...hmmm...are they too labeled "coventant breakers" and expelled into dep space becuase thye wont submit to the collective? (laugh)

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