Sample chapter of To Build Anew: Creating Baha'i-inspired Enterprises is now available online, and for ordering

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See a sample chapter of To Build Anew at or click here to order a copy.

Paragon~Quest Publications presents:

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To Build Anew invites Bahá'ís and like-minded people on a quest to tap into the transforming power of universal spiritual principles based on the Writings of the Bahá'í Faith to create enterprises that:

  •       continually improve the quality of human life;

  •       nurture the human spirit;

  •       create prosperity through service and virtue.

    To Build Anew presents an inestimable opportunity and a fundamental challenge. Our opportunity is to build co-operative enterprises that:

  •       are economically viable, environmentally sustainable and principle-centered;

  •       practically and systematically apply core principles throughout every aspect of their development, management and operations;

  •       together, become a social force for the progress and prosperity of all humanity.

    Our challenge is to fundamentally change our consciousness to:

  •       Let go of the morally and intellectually bankrupt capitalist system and build enterprises based on the spiritual principle paradigm;

  •       Let go of our individualistic attitudes and work together guided by Divine principle;

  •       Let go of obsolete notions of "for-profit" and "not-for-profit" and become "self-sustaining;"

    To Build Anew is more than a book for thought and reflection, it is a guide to action. You are invited to apply the principles, models and processes presented in this book to your enterprises and contact us at to share your experiences, questions and comments. Together, we can continually learn To Build Anew.

    What People are Saying about "To Build Anew":

    To Build Anew is a must read/study for anyone interested in social and economic development projects. While the text of this work is grounded in principles of the Bahá'í Faith, any unprejudiced mind will quickly realize that the perspective gain through such a principled-based approach to development is not only important but is essential if the enterprise is to be successful. Yet, the idea of success is not limited to the acquisition of money or material wealth. Don Brown widens the scope of success to include development of social capital of the people the enterprise is intended to benefit. Brown writes in an accessible style. He quotes rather extensively on social scientists, theorists and the Writings of the Bahá'í Faith. All of which combine to take the reader through a very interesting, intellectually challenging and inspiriting journey.

    Reggie Newkirk, BA, Parity Consulting

    Brown uses a Bahá'í lens to present an honest critique of the shortcomings of twenty-first century capitalism. "To Build Anew" draws from the Bahá'í teachings to present a clear guide for transforming enterprises within today's capitalist environment into truly spiritual enterprises that can be self-sustainable while at the same time contribute to the betterment of humanity.

    Keli Lovejoy, BA/MA International Development, American University, School of International Service

    Have you ever wondered what a Bahá'í-inspired organization might look like? What values and principles guide leaders in creating and managing such enterprises? In this age of transition from a system of unbridled shareholder capitalism to more socially responsible business practices, the importance of value-based leadership is increasingly recognized.

    "To Build Anew" is thus a very timely book. While it draws heavily on Bahá'í writings, it is of equal interest to leaders and managers of all faiths who share this concern about the changing role of business in society. Five Core Enterprise Principles are developed, each well supported by relevant texts: Work for the Betterment of the World; Set the Common Good above Private Interest; Consciously Adhere to Human Virtues; Do What Will Profit You and Others; and Consult in Decision Making.

    For managers, young professionals and students of business alike, whatever their faith, this book presents a convincing case for practicing the core values of EBBF and offers numerous practical examples of how this can be achieved.

    George Starcher, European Bahá'í Business Forum (EBBF)

    "To Build Anew" is a combination religion-based economic treatise and business how-to manual. Since I am not a Bahá'í and I have not studied the writings quoted, I am ill equipped to comment on the many Bahá'í quotes included... As a spiritual person I believe in many of the principles presented...

    The how-to section, Chapters 9 through 12 are well thought out and well organized and will be very useful to those who set out to create their businesses. These chapters alone are worth the price of the book.

    Larry Anderson, President, ManCap Ventures Inc.


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