New Ideas?

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Posted by Richard D.Valentine ( on November 27, 2003 at 11:01:11:

I have tried several Bahai websites posting new ideas
on conceptual cosmology in light of the Bahai Writings
and the sciences. However there was no interest in the
Bahai sites, which is ok by me. The only discussions
I was able to receive were on the professional science
sites that were not Bahai members.
I was wondering where are the Bahai thinkers on science,
physics,etc.? If there isn't any,perhaps there should be.
We are living at a time that is in need of progressive
thinking,ideas,etc. if not by Bahai's then by whom?
I am talking about deep thinking that is beyond the usual
talk. I see too much satisfaction by many in sameness!

Thank you J.W. for this website which made this posting

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