Progress report; bulletin board will change soon

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Posted by Jonah ( on December 15, 2003 at 03:01:21:

Hi, all

Advance notification that this bulletin board may unexpectedly go offline sometime in the next couple weeks, but will return.

The server migration is underway -- i.e., I'm gradually moving from its current host provider, which is shared space or "virtual" hosting, to a dedicated server set up just for This will give us better server speed, which is necessary now that it's "dynamic" and requires a whole lot more processing power than the old style of "static" web files. Also, we ran out of space a long time ago. Virtual host providers usually give just 100-500MB. In February 2003 I found one that was "unlimited" and was affordable, but when I hit 2GB (largely from audio files and page scan images) even they started to complain. Now we get 30GB! That should last for a while.

The reason the bulletin board might go offline is that it's taking weeks to get the server set up (nameserver problems, bad config files, etc) and the replacement bulletin board might not be working by the time this domain is transferred. But if it does go offline, it'll be back soon!


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