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TAGS: Nayriz upheaval; Persecution; Persecution, Iran; Persecution, Other; Qajar dynasty; Shaykh Tabarsi; Upheavals; Zanjan upheaval
LOCATIONS: Iran (documents); Nayriz; Zanjan
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Overview of four conflicts between the Babis and the Qajar state: one at Shaykh Tabarsi in Mazandaran (1848), one in Zanjan (1850), and two in Nayriz (1850, 1853).
Lecture in the University of Haifa "Lectures in Bahá'í Studies" series, December 23 2003. Mirrored from

See also two versions of this article, one published in Iranian Studies (2002) and one in Journal of Bahá'í Studies (2004).

The Babi-State Conflicts of 1848-1853

by Siyamak Zabihi-Moghaddam

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Abstract: zabihi-moghaddam_babi_state_conflicts.pdf
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