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A series of videos introducing rationales for, and details on use of, browser keyword shortcuts with the Bahá'í Writings

Efficient Searches and Shortcuts

by Brett Zamir


A series of videos targeted to beginners but also with some sections for advanced users. See also Abbreviations.

No guarantees we can assist, but you might try dropping in at this chat server in the event we may be able to help you with any questions about the topic, including possibly via audio chat and/or screen sharing.

  1. Introduction and rationales (25 mins)
  2. Keyboard commands and Location Bar (22 mins)
  3. Custom keywords / Search engines ad Sampling shortcuts (, Bahá'í Books and Scriptures, Wikis) (34 mins)
  4. Import/Exporting keywords/search engines (Firefox and Chrome), Advanced URL Components (52 mins)
  5. Search engine syntax; Experimental/Advanced Tools; Wiki links (23 mins)
  6. Custom web protocols (47 mins)
  7. Other software uses and Conclusion (7 mins)

The following are the approximate times for some individual PPT slides within the videos, assuming the videos were strung together.

  1. 0: PPT-1 Introduction
    2:12: PPT-2 Overview
    4:07: PPT-3 Advantages of using text over PDFs/images (or in addition to them)
    11:42: PPT-4 Importance of efficiency in conducting online searches
    14:09: PPT-5 Advantages of using web apps for the Writings
    16:59: PPT-6 Why not exclusively
  2. 25:22: PPT-7 Keyboard commands and Location Bar
  3. 46:15: PPT-8 Google and
    53:07: PPT-9 Bahá'í books and Scriptures  Jumping to specific verses
    1:06:28: PPT-10 Wikis
  4. 1:19:29: PPT-11 Bulk import Firefox
    1:31:51: PPT-12 Bulk import Chrome
    1:45:18 PPT-13 Advanced URL Components
  5. 2:11:30 PPT-14 Custom keywords / Search engines: Search engine syntax
    2:16:55 PPT-15 Custom keywords / Search engines: Experimental/Advanced
    2:26:20 PPT-16 Wiki links
  6. 2:34:49 PPT-17 Custom web protocols
  7. 3:21:11 PPT-18 Other software uses
    3:27:24 PPT-19 Conclusion
    3:28:52 End
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