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A meditational compilation of writings on the mystical nature of the self and selflessness, self-effacement, and self-abnegation, designed as an aid for reflection and contemplation.

Self and Selflessness:
A Personal Meditative Booklet

compiled by Violetta Zein
About: This is a meditative booklet, a long meditational compilation (I called it a personal meditative booklet because it is 70 pages long) of Bahá'í Writings on the mystical topics of Self and Selflessness (as well as self-effacement, self-abnegation and utter nothingness) gleaned from the Bahá'í Reference Library.

The format is longer than normal compilations, to keep references of the Self in as much context as possible, and thus the length of this document is (ahem) substantial. It is meant as an aid to study and meditation on various aspects of the Self, and as such the table of content titles are subjective and written by me, and quoted as much as possible from the language of the excerpt in question.

As always, this compilation is not authoritative or official, it was made for personal use by an individual for a specific study group. For ease of study, sub-headings in bold were added to organize the excerpts from the Holy Writings and Prayers thematically for ease of study. These titles are subjective, thus prone to error.

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