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1957 4 Jun Shoghi Effendi added protection of the Cause to the duties of the Hands of the Cause. [BBRSM127; CB380; MBW122–3] BWC; Haifa Hands of the Cause; Hands of the Cause, Institution; Protection; Appointed arm

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  1. Bahá'í Teachings, Aspects of, by Universal House of Justice (1997). Authenticity of Statements; Mathnavi; Quranic quotations; Marriage Prayer; 'Sun' and 'Moon'; Hands of the Cause; Night of Power; Khatt-i-Badi; Sarcophagus for Baha'u'llah; International Baha'i Library Building; Lunar Calendar and Holy Days; Leiden; Kings. [about]
  2. Institution of the Counsellors, by Universal House of Justice (2001). Detailed discussion of the history and function of the highest level of the "Institution of the Learned." [about]
  3. Prayer for Protection, by Bahá'u'lláh (1996). A short prayer, authoritatively translated on behalf of the Universal House of Justice. [about]
  4. Protecting the Human Family: Humanitarian Intervention, International Law, and Bahá'í Principles, by Brian D. Lepard, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 13:1-4 (2003). [about]
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