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TAGS: - Pronunciation; Abdul-Baha in London; Abdul-Baha, Ascension of; Abdul-Baha, Voice recordings of; Abdul-Baha, Writings and Talks of; Abjad; Ageing; Alvah-i-Shaarat (Tablets of the Hair); Angels; Anis Zunuzi (Mirza Muhammad-Aliy-i-Zunuzi); Aqa Abdur-Rahim; Arabic language; Astrology; Astronomy; Ayyam-i-Ha; Bab, Life of (documents); Bab, Martyrdom of; Bab, Writings of; Bahai Faith, Purposes of; Bahaullah, Ascension of; Bahaullah, Banishment of; Bahaullah, Life of (documents); Bahaullah, Writings of; Beauty; Bible; Certitude; Charity and relief work; Christianity; Creation; Death; Deeds ... see all 139 tags
LOCATIONS: Adasiyyih (Adasiyyah); Akka; Budapest; Central Asia; Hungary; Iran (documents); Ishqabad; Jordan; London; Turan (Central Asia); Turkmenistan; United Kingdom; Uzbekistan
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Index to talks, letters, and other items translated from Persian and Arabic to English by Adib Masumian; listed here for the sake of search engines and tagging.
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Translation list

translated by Adib Masumian

Provisional Translations of Baháʼí Literature

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