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Adib Ma'sumian, trans
Date of this edition 2009-2020
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Posted 2019-06-29 by Jonah Winters
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Abstract Index to talks, letters, and other items translated from Persian and Arabic to English by Ma'sumian; listed here for the sake of search engines and tagging.
Notes All items below are at
Tags Abdul-Baha, Ascension of; Abdul-Baha, Writings and Talks of; Angels; Anis (Mirza Muhammad-Aliy-i-Zunuzi); Arabic language; Ayyam-i-Ha; Bab, Life of; Bab, Martyrdom of; Bab, Writings of; Bahaullah, Ascension of; Bahaullah, Life of; Bahaullah, Writings of; Beauty; Charity and relief work; Christianity; Deeds; Dreams and visions; Education; Ethics; Fasting; Food; Hidden Imam; Holy Days; Interfaith dialogue; Interfaith dialogue; Isaac (Bible); Ishmael (Bible); Islam; Jinn; John the Baptist; Kalimat-i-Maknunih (Hidden Words); Kitab-i-Badi (Wondrous Book); Lawh-i-Ridvanul-Adl (Tablet of the Paradise of Justice); Lawḥ-i-Tawhid (Tablet of Divine Unity); Life, Purpose of; Manifestations of God; Mary Virginia Thornburgh-Cropper; Moses; Mysticism; Naw-Ruz; Panj Kanz (Five Treasures); Persecution; Persecution, Iran; Persian language; Philosophy; Poverty; Prayer; Prayer texts; Protection; Purity; Recognition; Royalty; Sacrifice; Shoghi Effendi, Writings of; Sinai; Spirituality; Tests and difficulties; Translation; Twelfth Imam; Veils; Wine (symbol); Women; Worlds of God; Zoroastrianism
Locations Iran (documents)
Cross-referencesSee also List of Baha'i Studies and Translations by Stephen Lambden.
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