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[Previous] Christendom, opened his mouth and caviled at the Spirit of God (Jesus). In the unsoundness of his reasoning, he failed to grasp the true significance of the sacred Scriptures, took exception to certain portions of the revealed Texts and dwelt on the difficulties involved. "And We send down of the Qur'án that which is a healing and a mercy to the faithful: But it shall only add to the ruin of the wicked." (40)
The Sage of Ghazná (41) told the mystic story
To his veiled hearers, in an allegory:
If those who err see naught in the Qur'án
But only words, it's not to wonder on;
Of all the sun's fire, lighting up the sky
Only the warmth can reach a blind man's eye. (42)
"Many will He mislead by such parables and many guide: but none will He mislead thereby except the wicked..." (43)

It is certain that the greatest of instrumentalities for achieving the advancement and the glory of man, the supreme agency for the enlightenment and the redemption of the world, is love and fellowship and unity among all the members of the human race. Nothing can be effected in the world, not even conceivably, without unity and agreement, and the perfect means for engendering fellowship and union is true religion. [Next]

40. Qur'án 17:84.
41. The poet Saná'í.
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