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another hurried Him from land to land. Thus have they pronounced judgment against Us, and God, truly, is aware of what I say."

This charge of fomenting discord is the same as that imputed aforetime by the Pharaohs of Egypt to Him Who conversed with God (Moses). Read thou what the All-Merciful hath revealed in the Qur'án. He--may He be blessed and glorified--saith: "Moreover We had sent Moses of old with Our signs and with clear authority to Pharaoh, and Hamán, and Qarún: and they said: `Sorcerer, impostor!' And when He came to them from Our presence with the truth, they said: `Slay the sons of those who believe as He doth, and save their females alive,' but the stratagem of the unbelievers issued only in failure. And Pharaoh said: `Let me alone, that I may kill Moses; and let him call upon his Lord: I fear lest he change your religion, or cause disorder to show itself in the land.' And Moses said: `I take refuge with my Lord, and your Lord from every proud one who believeth not in the Day of Reckoning.'"

Men have, at all times, considered every World Reformer a fomenter of discord, and have referred unto Him in terms with which all are familiar. Each time the Daystar of Divine Revelation shed its radiance from the horizon of God's Will a great number of men denied Him, others turned aside from Him, and still others calumniated Him, and thereby withheld the servants of God from the river of loving

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