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Martha Root: Lioness at the Threshold, M. R. Garis, p206

“Your restless activities in the service of the Cause have carried you so far and wide that it has already become quite a difficult matter to locate your whereabouts on any map.”

My dearest most precious sister:—

I am always anxious to hear from you as I deeply realize the signal service you are rendering to the Cause as well as the unsatisfactory state of your health. I pray for you from the bottom of my heart & I assure you that you are never never forgotten. . . . You are under His wings. He will surely guide you and lead you to success. I indeed have nothing to add, for your work is perfect, your efforts magnificent, your achievements glorious. I pray you may achieve your heart’s desire.

1925-01-01 to Martha whose travels make it difficult to keep track of

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