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Lady Blomfield: Her Life and Times, Robert Weinberg, p271-2

He approves fully the programme you set out in the leaflet and hopes that you will advance the cause of peace that way. The spirit underlying it is surely Bahai and therefore is bound to obtain cordial reception from many open-minded seekers. It is just as you say, there are some persons who are ready to accept social teachings and work for them if they do not bear a special religious stamp, nor have the taint of some creed. This movement of yours, therefore, serves the purpose admirably and can appeal to such tastes.

There was one point, however, which Shoghi Effendi particularly wanted Sitárih to bear in mind,

. . . namely that all these are means followed in the pursuit of another still nobler aim, which is the progress of the Cause. Such movements help the cause of peace, but real peace cannot be established until and unless the whole Bahai programme is adopted. While working for this new movement, therefore, you should remember that the real aim in view is to teach them the Cause and make them active supporters of the only lasting movement. . .

My dearest Ladee!

It was a real joy, the more so because it was unexpected, to receive a letter direct from you. If I have not been corresponding with you of late it has been not because of indifference and forgetfulness on my part, but simply due to the fact that I am assured that you are continually, devotedly and effectively engaged in spreading the Cause no matter how often you receive messages of encouragement from Haifa or elsewhere . . .

1926-02-07 to Lady Bromfield re program supporting League of Nations

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