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Lights of Fortitude, pp. 211-22, by Barron Harper

Your letter was received by the Guardian of the Cause of God... and brought much joy to his heart. He spoke of you and praised God that you... are assisted by divine confirmations in your education, that you intend to complete it and wish to diffuse the heavenly fragrances, to serve the Faith, and to teach the Cause of God. This intention attracts the confirmations of the One true God and the favours of the Kingdom of eternity. Therefore, he cherishes the hope that you will eventually attain the goal of your desire...

Teaching the Cause of God is possible under all circumstances, even through trade and commerce and through proper conduct, as it is said that goodly deeds and a praiseworthy character are in themselves the teachers of the Cause. Therefore, any individual, in whatever profession he may be engaged if he conduct himself in a praiseworthy manner and exemplify the human perfections, he will himself become the sign of the propagation of the Word of God and will hoist the banner of the glory of the Cause of God.

Concerning the determination of your duty the Guardian stated that you should in no way be disturbed and distressed. If in all circumstances you resort and cling to the cord of consultation you will be confirmed in all your efforts. In all cases, you should refer to the Spiritual Assembly and act according to the wishes and approval of its respected and elected members.

Whatever the result of the consultation of the Spiritual Assembly may be, that is the correct course of action and will meet with the good pleasure of the Lord...

The beloved Guardian also remembered your parents and prayed for them.

Shoghi Effendi wrote in his own hand in the margin of this letter:

O spiritual Friend:

This servant in this illumined spot prays at the Sacred Threshold from the depths of his heart for your peace of mind, prosperity and success, so that you may excel in divine knowledge and material learning..

Letter on behalf of the Guardian to Mr. Furutan, 16 Nov 1926

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