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Crown of Glory, Memoirs of Jinab-i-Aziz'u'llah Azizi , p23-4

Mr. Mirza Aziz'u'llah Khan Azizi,
upon him rest the Glory of the All-Glorious!

May my soul be a sacrifice for your devotion! Your letter arrived this very moment, and was given special attention by the dearly beloved Guardian of the Faith -- may my soul be a sacrifice to his friends!

The glad-tidings of your arrival home -- safe and sound with your respected family -- brought joy and assurance. What likewise imparted joy and happiness was the spiritual glad- tidings of meetings with the friends of God in various cities and countries along the way. The spiritual attraction and enkindlement of these divine friends, inspiring them to each arise and teach, in fulfilment of their sacred obligation -- all this added to that joy and happiness.

Especially welcome was news of spiritual activities in Tehran, which is in effect like a heart throbbing and pulsing spirit in the sacred body of Iran, imparting life-giving power through the veins and arteries of the Baha'i community in that glorious land. This news is worthy of the praise and recognition of the Concourse on High, and was the cause of joy and happiness for the Guardian.

I pray that God might increase your honour and power, that you might attain an apparent victory. Regarding the matter between Khajeb Ibrahim Shalim and Jinab-i-Qassabchi in Baghdad -- a telegram was sent to Ibrahim Shalim. The response came from him that he has changed his mind altogether and will not mention the matter further. Moreover, a very knowledgeable teacher was sent to Iraq, rest assured.

Written in accordance with the blessed order, Nuriddin Zayn
11 December 1928

O spiritual friend!

This servant has, with utmost supplication, turned towards the sacred Threshold and sought continuous divine confirmation and invisible bestowals for that mighty pillar of the Cause of God in that land.

The wonderful endeavours and continuous efforts of that active, compassionate and self-sacrificing servant of His Holiness, the Unique One, is most praiseworthy, deserving of acclaim from the Concourse on High. Its traces are engraved as well on the heart of this servant.

I pray that God might increase your honour, power, victory and success. You are not, nor ever shall be forgotten in this place. Rest assured.

Servant at His Threshold, Shoghi

(unauthorized translation)

1928-12-11 to Aziz'u'llah Khan Azizi

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