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1929-11-24 response to report fm Nayriz

Against Incredible Odds, pp65-6

That spiritual friends letter has attained the glance of His Highness, the Guardian of the Faith, may my spirit be sacrificed for his friends. The account of the recent tragic events in Nayriz and the description of the calamities sustained by the loving friends there have become known in his presence and caused him sadness. He said: ‘This Servant will, with tongue and heart, offer thanks at the Court of the Munificent Lord for having enabled His tested servants and trusted friends to appear, in the face of a deluge of trials and an onslaught of adversities and afflictions, with such firmness, steadfastness and integrity as to cause the Concourse on High to utter their praise and the dwellers of the Abhá Paradise to glorify them. Neither had the blade and shaft of the ungodly any effect on their glorious spirits, nor has the fatal poison and torture affected their illumined and attracted inner selves. Undoubtedly those sincere, detached and steadfast believers have, with their acceptance of various persecutions, caused the Blessed Tree to grow further throughout the world, have added to the splendours of the light of the brilliant truth of BahauTláhs Cause and the manifestation of the power and might of the Word of God.’

He then said:

This Servant, with a heart throbbing with love and a soul overflowing with affection for those gems of firmness and steadfastness, praises and extols the spirit of fidelity and sacrifice evinced by those chosen by the Almighty in the path of that Luminous Moon, and will continually pray in the Holy Shrine, beseeching God to protect and preserve those servants of His Sacred Threshold from the cruelty of tyrants and the oppression of the ungodly, and to cut off the hands of the transgressors. Assure all the persecuted and dear admirable friends of Nayriz of this Servants loving-kindness. Impart to their hearts the hope that, God willing, soon will the ancient glory reveal the beauty of its countenance and the sun of aspiration of the people of Bahá will shine on the highest peak. Patience and composure are essential, calmness and tranquillity needed. The evildoers will definitely pay for their evil deeds and will serve as a lesson to others.

The praise in his holy presence of the extraordinary steadfastness shown by Jináb-i Háj Mírzá Ahmad, the merchant, upon him be the glory of God, caused his bounteous favours to flow.

Convey loving-kindness and favours on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to your esteemed wife, Amatu’lláh Túbá Khánum, your mother, Amatu’lláh Núríyyih Khánum, and your children, Áqá Mírzá Abdu’l-Husayn, Áqá Mírzá Masíh and Shamsu’d-Duhá.

Also gladden the hearts of Jináb-i Áqáy-i Tírandáz, Áqá Isfandyár-i Khursand, Jináb-i Áqá Khudádád, the Parsí merchants, upon them be the glory of God, with the glad-tidings of His favours.

Written at the instruction of his blessed person. Rajab 1348, 24 November 1929. Núrud-Dín Zayn.

Postscript in the handwriting of Shoghi Effendi:

This Servant will, in these holy precincts, remember that friend who hath endured patiently at times of calamity, affliction and adversity. I will also implore the Almighty to ease the affairs of those loved ones and to release them from tyranny. Be assured.

The Servant of His Threshold, Shoghi.source: Khátirát-i Talkh va Shírín p176-7

After the Nayriz uprising, Mirzá Muhammad-Shafí (Rouhani) wrote a report of the atrocities to Shoghi Effendi and received this reply.

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