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1930-06-30 re Kitab-i-Iqan

USBN #46 - November 1930 - page 2

to the National Assembly

"As the 'Iqan is the most important book wherein Baha'u'llah explains the

basic beliefs of the faith, he thought a proper rendering of it would infinitely

enhance the teaching work in the West. He hopes that this new rendering will be an

improvement on the previous one, but he fully admits that it is far from perfect,

far from the original itself. Shoghi Effendi has given the proper transliteration

of the Eastern terms and wants you to abide by them, keeping every dash, point,

accent or inverted comma. To help you in this, he has also on a separate sheet

written these in their proper form. He wishes you further not to include the

introduction that exists in the last edition, for he does not think it worthwhile

and enlightening. Drop also the glossary that exists at the end of the last

edition and form a glossary using the definitions that he has sent to be put in

the forthcoming Baha'i World. As Shoghi Effendi has been emphasizing the need of

submitting all publications to the Reviewing Committee, he wants to be the first

to abide by that rule, though he hopes that they will not make unnecessary delay.

In Germany they have translated the 'Iqan from the last translation and they are

waiting for Shoghi Effendi's rendering to make the necessary alterations and

publish their own. The proceeds of the sale of the book Shoghi Effendi wishes to

go to the American National Assembly in an unlabelled form. This is a gift of his

own personal labors that he wishes to present that body and he wishes it to be

considered as a token of appreciation for the help they have rendered him in

carrying on his arduous task."

(Signed) RUHI AFNAN.

"Unable to find a good typist, I have had to do the work myself, and I trust

that the proofreaders will find it easy to go over and will not mind the type

errors which I have tried to correct. I would especially urge you to adhere to the

transliteration which I have adopted. The correct title is, I feel, 'The Kitab-

I-'Iqan,' the sub-title 'The Book of Certitude.' May it help the friends to

approach a step further, and obtain a clearer idea of the fundamental teachings

set forth by Baha'u'llah."

(Signed) SHOGHI.


This accompanied the manuscript of his translation of the Iqan.

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