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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p124

The situation in New York is certainly confused & critical. The utmost firmness & vigilance are required at the present moment on the part of the old believers, who have already experienced such crises & know full well that the Cause has eventually surmounted them. Ahmad is the one who will precipitate this crisis. Mrs. Chanler is his dupe. He will through her do his utmost to bring about a division among the believers. I urge you to endeavour to save Mrs. Chanler from his grasp & to open her eyes to the truth. I will pray that the Beloved may guide your steps, cheer your heart & sustain your devoted efforts. Be not sad nor disheartened, the Cause will eventually triumph.


1930-10-19 to May Maxwell re Chanler & Sohrab

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