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1930-11-30 participation in the Inter-Religious Congress

USBN #62 - May 1932 - page 11

World's Fair (1933) Religious Congress Committee

"I feel that every effort should be made to secure from the authorities

their approval for the holding of a special Baha'i session in connection with the

Inter-Religious Congress, at which a paper should be read on the Cause, its

purpose, teachings and activities. The American believers, and if feasible,

believers from Europe, should be adequately and befittingly represented. It would,

I am sure, be of great value to the Cause, and if properly organized, would

considerably enhance the prestige of the Cause. An international Baha'i Congress

would, on the other hand, due to manifold obstacles in our way, not produce this

result. I trust and pray that the Assembly will be divinely assisted and inspired

in taking the most effective preliminary measures for such a valuable and far-

reaching undertaking."


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