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Mrs. Edris Rice-Wray Carson,

413 Blackhawk Street,

Chicago, Ill.

Persian Colony,

Haifa, Palestine,


Dear Mrs. Carson :

Shoghi Effendi wishes me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter. He was very glad to hear of the determination of you and the other young members of the Bahai group to arise in serving the Cause.

The prevailing distress in America and Europe should awaken the Youth to the futility of concentrating their whole life on purely material pursuits. They should learn the lesson that spiritual considerations should be the dominating factors of our life, that our guiding purpose should be to enhance our moral life and seek what is eternal and abiding.

Should the different nations continue to go wrong and be guided by the selfish desire of personal aggrandisement, you will be the group that will suffer most. Our present policies bear their fruits only in the future, and it is the Youth of the present that are the men and women of the future.

In his moments of prayer and meditation Shoghi Effendi will remember you all and ask for divine guidance, that you may spread the teachings of the Cause and raise the standard of peace and goodwill throughout the world.

Yours ever sincerely.

Signed) Ruhi Afnan.

With the assurance of my loving prayers few your spiritual advancement and success in the service of the Cause,

Your true brother.

Signed) Shoghi.

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