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1931-10-XX re new Plan of Unified Action

USBN #56 - October-November 1931 - page 1

"My dear and esteemed co-workers: The new Plan of Unified Action conceived,

adopted and published by your Assembly is an admirable one. It is at once concise,

appealing in tone, dignified in presentation and practical in its conception. It

fully and truly deserves the unreserved support of every American believer. I

shall be glad to associate myself with this further collective and heroic effort

exerted by the friends by contributing to your National Fund, every month for a

period of three years, the sum of $95. Your Assembly, faithful to its trust and

conscious of its high calling, has sounded the call for a further and final effort

on the part of the followers of Baha'u'llah in that land. It is for them, now if

ever, to arise for the speedy consummation of a divinely appointed task. Shoghi."

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