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1932-02-02 to Harlen Ober, various

USBN #60 - March 1932 - page 7

Letter from Shoghi Effendi to Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Ober

Haifa, Palestine.

February 2, 1932.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ober:

Shoghi Effendi wishes me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated

January 22nd, 1932. You inquired concerning the Huquq. Shoghi Effendi would much

prefer if the friends in America concentrate their financial resources towards the

completion of the Temple, rather than dissipate their energy along the channels

that do not as yet call for immediate attention. When the time comes that the

Cause would need the enforcement of this religious donation Shoghi Effendi would

say it and would set forth the amount prescribed. It is only gradually that the

teachings of Baha'u'llah can be enforced. The time has to become ripe of the

desired result is to be obtained.

Concerning the number of Baha'is throughout the world. This is a very

difficult question to answer. Shoghi Effendi has been trying hard to obtain even

an approximate figure but without result. This is true especially in Persia where

besides the large number of the friends who are declared believers, there are

innumerable souls who for some reason or other prefer to keep their faith a


Orientalists who wrote many years ago gave the figure as two million. Sir

Dennison Ross in an article published last year in the "London Times said that

over one-half of the educated people of Persia are Baha'is. All these, however,

are personal impressions, the best thing is to say that we do not know.

Shoghi Effendi hopes that before long the friends in Persia would send him

an approximate figure, but he does not know when that will be, for he has been

waiting for this figure ever since he took up the reins of the administration.

In closing may I assure you of Shoghi Effendi's prayers and best wishes for

the services you are rendering the Cause.

Yours very sincerely,

Ruhi Afnan.

Dear and Precious co-workers:

I wish you to urge the friends, far and near, to concentrate their energy,

attention and resources on the immediate needs and requirements of the Temple.

Everything else, except the Teaching work, must be sub-ordinated to this pressing

issue, this high enterprise, this noble ideal. I will continue to pray at the

Shrine of Baha'u'llah for the success of your unsparing efforts, and wish to

assure you in person of my great love and appreciation of your many past and

present services to our beloved Faith.

Your true brother,


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