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Her Eternal Crown: Queen Marie of Romania and the Baha’i Faith, Della L Marcus, pp183-4

Your letters with the wonderful reports of your activities in teaching the Cause and interesting distinguished persons always bring him much joy and pleasure. He wished he had a large number of your type, so devoted to the Faith and so determined to spread its message throughout the world.

Even though the men you contact do not immediately embrace the Cause and whole-heartedly support it, yet the word of God that has penetrated their mind and heart will not remain idle.

They will be bound, once they read something or lend an attentive ear, to unconsciously modify their views, for the message will be gradually working in their subconscious mind and thereby moulding their views and interests. One day the Cause will pass the threshold of their consciousness and they will become completely converted. But even before that day, they will be expressing that spirit in their deliberations and thereby helping the progress of the cause of peace throughout the world.

1932-05-03 to Martha re effect of her contacts


Among those whom Martha had made contact with were Queen Marie of Romania, King Zog of Albania, King Boris II of Bulgaria, King Faisal of Iraq, King Haakon of Norway, President Thomas Masaryk of Czechoslovakia, President Herbert Hoover of the United States, Prince Paul and Princess Olga of Yugoslavia and Princess Ileana of Romania.

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